San Diego Concert Archive


11/01/57 Faron Young, Bostonia Ballroom
11/01/58 Carl Smith, Bostonia Ballroom
11/01/64 Rolling Stones, Misfits, Invaders, Balboa Park Bowl
11/01/69 Moody Blues, Golden Gym, Cal Western
11/01/76 Toots & the Maytals, La Paloma Theatre
11/01/76 Phoebe Snow, Civic Theatre
11/01/86 Emerson, Lake & Palmer, SDSU Open Air Theatre

11/02/68 Country Joe & the Fish, Steve Miller Blues Band, Framework, Cal Western Golden Gym
11/02/70 Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath, San Diego Sports Arena
11/02/75 Gentle Giant, Golden Hall
11/02/79 David Johansen Group, SDSU Backdoor
11/02/79 Merle Haggard, Golden Hall
11/02/80 Gary Newman, Fox Theater
11/02/87 Dead or Alive, Confetti's
11/02/88 Book of Love, Bacchanal
11/02/90 Janes Addiction, UCSD Price Center
11/02/93 Pearl Jam, Civic Theatre
11/02/95 Notorious B.I.G., Junior Mafia, Mary J., Faith Evans, Craig Mack, San Diego Sports Arena
11/02/96 Deftones, Soma

11/03/76 Average White Band, Golden Hall
11/03/79 Dickies, Roxy Theater
11/03/80 The Police, XTC, Oingo Boingo, Civic Theatre
11/03/88 Georgia Satellites, Bacchanal
11/03/93 Pearl Jam, Civic Theatre
11/03/94 L7, The Melvins, Soma

11/04/67 The Doors, Community Concourse
11/04/72 Crazy Horse, Backstep, Buckwheat, Balboa Bowl
11/04/77 Parliament, San Diego Sports Arena
11/04/79 Dils, Upbeats, Skeleton Club
11/04/79 The Knack, Fox Theater
11/04/84 Lou Reed, Fox Theater
11/04/84 Rod Stewart, San Diego Sports Arena
11/04/86 Pet Shop Boys, Civic Theatre
11/04/88 Midnight Oil, SDSU Open Air Theatre
11/04/90 Indigo Girls, Copley Symphony Hall
11/04/90 Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Iguanas

11/05/74 Rahsaan Roland Kirk, SDSU Backdoor
11/05/76 Black Sabbath, Bob Seger, San Diego Sports Arena
11/05/77 John Lee Hooker, SDSU Backdoor
11/05/79 Andy Kaufman, SDSU Montezuma Hall
11/05/82 T.S.O.L., North Park Lions Club
11/05/83 Violent Femmes, SDSU Backdoor
11/05/83 Discharge, Battalion of Saints, Power Trip, Tim Maze
11/05/88 Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Civic Theatre
11/05/92 White Zombie, Club 860
11/05/95 Harry Connick Jr., UCSD RIMAC Center

11/06/69 Donovan, Paul Horn, Convention Hall
11/06/71 Larry Coryell, SDSU Montezuma Hall
11/06/77 Steve Miller Band, San Diego Sports Arena
11/06/79 Robert Palmer, Fox Theater
11/06/79 Jimmy Weatherspoon, SDSU Backdoor
11/06/81 Twisted Roots, Redd Kross, Funera, Fairmont Hall
11/06/82 Bad Brains, Kings Road Café
11/06/83 Cheap Trick, Fox Theater
11/06/88 Siouxsie & the Banshees, California Theatre
11/06/92 Jimmy Buffett, Convention Center
11/06/92 Screaming Trees, Iguana’s
11/06/95 James Taylor, Copley Symphony Hall
11/06/95 Pearl Jam, San Diego Sports Arena
11/06/95 Matthew Sweet, Belly Up Tavern

11/07/63 Peter, Paul & Mary, *Bob Dylan Joined onstage, SDSU Peterson Gym
11/07/66 Johnny Cash, Convention Hall
11/07/75 Harry Chapin, Civic Theatre
11/07/79 Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, Fox Theater
11/07/79 Hall & Oates, Roxy Theater
11/07/87 Dramarama, SDSU Backdoor
11/07/88 Robert Palmer, California Theatre
11/07/90 Billy Joel, San Diego Sports Arena
11/07/91 Meat Puppets, SDSU Backdoor
11/07/92 Breeders, Iguana's
11/07/95 James Taylor, Copley Symphony Hall
11/07/95 Pearl Jam, San Diego Sports Arena
11/07/99 Indigo Girls, SDSU Open Air Theatre

11/08/57 Tex Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
11/08/59 Fleet & Freddie, Bostonia Ballroom
11/08/68 Temptations, Fifth Dimension, Convention Hall
11/08/69 Ray Charles & the Raelets, Community Concourse
11/08/74 Chick Corea w/Return To Forever, Civic Theater
11/08/78 Daryl Hall & John Oats, Civic Theatre
11/08/87 John Lee Hooker, Belly Up Tavern
11/08/89 P.I.L., Golden Hall
11/08/94 Hole, Soma
11/08/99 Fey, SDSU Open Air Theatre

11/09/68 Country Joe & the Fish, Golden Gym Cal Western
11/09/68 Creedence Clearwater Revival, Community Concourse
11/09/71 Yes, San Diego Sports Arena ? Venue
11/09/74 New Riders of the Purple Sage, JJS
11/09/82 Uriah Heep, Bacchanal
11/09/85 James Taylor, Civic Theatre
11/09/92 Sugar, SDSU Montezuma Hall
11/09/99 Queensryche, Cox Arena

11/11/55 Tex Ritter, Bostonia Ballroom
11/10/69 Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner Revue, San Diego Sports Arena
11/10/73 Mahavishnu Orchestra, UCSD Gym
11/10/79 Weirdos, The Adaptors, The Standbys, Skeleton Club
11/10/80 Jethro Tull, Whitesnake, San Diego Sports Arena
11/10/82 Billy Idol, Rodeo
11/10/84 Channel 3, 7 Seconds, SDSU Backdoor
11/10/90 Judas Priest, Megadeath, San Diego Sports Arena
11/10/92 U2, Public Enemy, Sugarcubes, Jack Murphy Stadium

11/11/76 Patti Smith, Sparks, Civic Theatre
11/11/84 Willie Dixon, Belly Up Tavern
11/11/87 Jimmy Cliff, Belly Up Tavern
11/11/95 Sublime, Soma
11/11/99 Harry Connick Jr., SDSU Open Air Theatre

11/12/55 Tex Ritter, Bostonia Ballroom
11/12/65 Johnny Cash, Convention Hall
11/12/72 Quicksilver Messenger, J. Geils Band, Foghat, Dr. Hook + more, San Diego Stadium
11/12/76 Boston, Runaways, Golden Hall
11/12/80 Iggy Pop, Bacchanal
11/12/83 REM, SDSU Backdoor
11/12/91 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, San Diego Sports Arena
11/12/95 Rancid, Soma

11/13/52 T. Tex Tyler, Bostonia Ballroom
11/13/64 New Lost City Ramblers, Sign of the Sun
11/13/65 Joan Baez, Civic Theatre
11/13/69 Sam Hinton, Candy Company
11/13/71 Clabe Hangan, Sally Thomas, In The Alley
11/13/78 Rush, Pat Travers, San Diego Sports Arena
11/13/81 BlackFoot, Def Leppard, Fox Theater
11/13/83 Motley Crue, Axe, Fox Theater
11/13/84 General Public, Del Mar Fairgrounds
11/13/88 Leon Russell & Edgar Winter, Bacchanal
11/13/91 Blur, SDSU Backdoor
11/13/92 Prono for Pyros, El Rancho Grande TJ

11/14/71 Ravi Shankar, Earth
11/14/71 Clabe Hangan, Sally Thomas, In The Alley
11/14/92 Rage against the Machine, Soma
11/14/64 New Lost City Ramblers, Sign of the Sun
11/14/73 Grateful Dead, San Diego Sports Arena
11/14/90 Soul Asylum, UCSD Triton Pub
11/14/92 Pantera, Starlight Bowl

11/15/57 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
11/15/58 Littlle Jimmy Dickens, Bostonia Ballroom
11/15/64 New Lost City Ramblers, Sign of the Sun
11/15/68 Chamber Brothers, Things To Come, Canned Heat, San Diego Sports Arena
11/15/70 Elvis Presley, San Diego Sports Arena
11/15/78 Parliament, The Funkadelic and the Brides of Funkenstein, Fox Theater
11/15/83 Frank Sinatra, San Diego Sports Arena
11/15/84 Los Lobos, Belly Up Tavern

11/16/57 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
11/16/73 Humble Pie, Foghat, James Montgomery, San Diego Sports Arena
11/16/73 Bob Webb, Tom Waits, Folk Arts Rare Records
11/16/78 Richie Havens, La Paloma Theatre
11/16/79 Stephen Stills, Camino Theater
11/16/85 INXS, Spirit
11/16/91 Richie Sambora, Spreckels Theater
11/16/92 Ron Wood, Rhythm Cafe
11/16/93 Depeche Mode, San Diego Sports Arena

11/17/57 The Nomads, The Barons, Unknown Venue
11/17/73 Bob Webb, Tom Waits, Folk Arts Rare Records
11/17/78 Bob Dylan, San Diego Sports Arena
11/17/79 Jethro Tull , San Diego Sports Arena
11/17/84 Public Image Ltd., UCSD Gym
11/17/88 Sonic Youth, Mud Honey, SDSU Backdoor
11/17/89 Alarm, UCSD Gym
11/17/91 Ozzy Osbourne, Infectious Grooves, Golden Hall
11/17/95 Rusted Root, Joan Osbourne, Soma
11/17/95 Jewel, SDSU Montezuma Hall

11/18/54 Ray Price, Bostonia Ballroom
11/18/55 Hank Penny, Bostonia Ballroom
11/18/1972 Elvin Bishop, Kenny Rankin, Sequoya, Stewart Little Band, Convention Hall
11/18/73 Arlo Guthrie, Community Concourse
11/18/73 Jerry Garcia, Merle Saunders, Stoneground, Sons of Champlin SDSU Open Air Amphitheatre
11/18/74 Cecelio & Kapono, SDSU Backdoor
11/18/77 Blue Oyster Cult, San Diego Sports Arena
11/18/78 Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, Unknown Venue
11/18/80 Oingo Boingo, Bacchanal
11/18/84 The Ramones, SDSU Montezuma Hall
11/18/89 The The, California Theatre
11/18/92 Redman, EPMD, Das Efx, Mission Tower, Del Mar Fairgrounds

11/19/78 Peter Gabriel, California Theatre
11/19/81 Billy Squire, Fox Theater
11/19/81 Iggy Pop, Wall of Voodoo, California Theatre
11/19/87 Def Leppard, Tesla, San Diego Sports Arena
11/19/88 Van Halen, San Diego Sports Arena
11/19/92 Glen Frey, Spreckels Theater
11/19/92 Paul Weller, SDSU Montezuma Hall
11/19/94 Dinosaur Jr., Fluf, Soma

11/20/53 Audrey Williams, Smokey Rogers, Bostonia Ballroom
11/20/71 Fleetwood Mac, Ballin’ Jack, San Diego Sports Arena
11/20/72 Loudon Wainwright III, SDSU Backdoor
11/20/70 Michael Claire, Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
11/20/76 Eric Clapton, Charlie Daniels Band, San Diego Sports Arena
11/20/79 The Police, Civic Theatre
11/20/79 Exile, SDSU Backdoor
11/20/81 The Cramps, Fairmont Hall
11/20/82 The Psychede lic Furs, Adams Avenue Theater
11/20/85 John Lee Hooker, Belly Up Tavern
11/20/94 Tool, Calle Tres and Campo in TJ
11/20/95 Natalie Merchant, Copley Symphony Hall
11/20/95 Sublime, Casbah

11/21/58 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
11/21/70 Michael Claire, Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
11/21/70 Boz Scaggs, Sequoya, UCSD Gym
11/21/73 Electric Light Orchestra, JJs
11/21/74 Stevie Wonder, San Diego Sports Arena
11/21/83 Stray Cats, Del Mar Fairgrounds
11/21/83 Los Lobos, SDSU Backdoor
11/21/86 Billy Joel, San Diego Sports Arena
11/21/86 Bad Brains, Bloodlake, Carpenter's Hall
11/21/88 Randy Newman, Bacchanal

11/22/57 Johnny Cash, Bostonia Ballroom
11/22/58 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
11/22/70 Derek & the Dominos, Cal Western Gym
11/22/70 Michael Claire, Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
11/22/74 Tom Waits, Bill Steele, Rare Arts Folk Records
11/22/75 Phil Lesh, Ned Lagin , La Paloma Theatre
11/22/78 Blondie, Roxy Theater
11/22/91 The Rollins Band, SDSU Backdoor
11/22/92 The Jesus & Mary Chain, UCSD Price Center
11/22/95 No Doubt, Casbah
11/22/96 Rusted Root, Price Center Ballroom

11/23/68 Dionne Warkwick, Community Concourse
11/23/74 Tom Waits, Bill Steele, Rare Arts Folk Records
11/23/77 Aerosmith, San Diego Sports Arena
11/23/77 Randy Newman, Civic Theatre
11/23/79 Grateful Dead, Golden Hall
11/23/83 Blue Oyster Cult & Rainbow, Dokken, San Diego Sports Arena
11/23/83 Hunters & Collectors, Eleven Sons, Urban Umbrella, Reptile House
11/23/84 Samhain, JFA, ILL Repute, Ministry of Truth, Fairmount Hall
11/23/92 Beastie Boys, The Rollins Band, Cypress Hill, Starlight Bowl
11/23/96 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, RL Burnside, Soma

11/24/79 Grateful Dead, Golden Hall
11/24/79 Bob Marley & the Wailers, San Diego Sports Arena
11/24/82 Iggy Pop, Adams Avenue Theater
11/24/84 Motorhead, California Theatre
11/24/92 Stone Temple Pilots, SDSU Backdoor

11/25/55 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
11/25/75 Jimmy Cliff, La Paloma Theatre
11/25/76 Robert Palmer, La Paloma Theatre
11/25/90 Lemonheads, Casbah
11/25/94 Jeff Buckley, Rugburns, La Paloma Theatre
11/25/95 Silverchair, Soma

11/26/54 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
11/26/55 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
11/26/74 Lou Reed, Civic Theatre
11/26/80 Bob Dylan, Golden Hall
11/26/91 Cypress Hill, The Arena

11/27/53 Maddox Bros.& Rose, Bostonia Ballroom
11/27/54 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
11/27/60 The Coasters, Johnny Otis, Pacific Ballroom
11/27/68 Moody Blues, Sprit, framework, Grossmont College Gym
11/27/69 Los Indios Tabajaras, Civic Theatre
11/27/69 Jethro Tull, Exhibit Hall Community Concourse
11/27/77 Robin Trower, San Diego Sports Arena
11/27/79 Bob Dylan, Golden Hall
11/27/82 Judas Priest, San Diego Sports Arena
11/27/84 Dio, Dokken, San Diego Sports Arena
11/27/85 The Alarm, California Theatre
11/27/92 Stone Temple Pilots, Club 860

11/28/52 Terry Preston, Bostonia Ballroom
11/28/69 Credence Clearwater Revival, Poco, Roxy, San Diego Sports Arena
11/28/79 Bob Dylan, Golden Hall
11/28/79 Zeros, Trowsers, Nudes, North Park Lions Club year?
11/28/92 John Wesley Harding, Rhythm Cafe

11/29/57 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
11/29/70 Ten Years After, Paul Butterfield, Mylon, San Diego Sports Arena
11/29/74 Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Starship, San Diego Sports Arena
11/29/78 Robert Hunter, SDSU Backdoor
11/29/79 Kiss, San Diego Sports Arena
11/29/79 Zeros, Trowsers, Zebra Club ?year?
11/29/80 Doobie Brothers, Del Mar Fairgrounds
11/29/82 Jefferson Starship, San Diego Sports Arena
11/29/85 Motorhead, California Theatre
11/29/88 Jimmy Cliff, SDSU Backdoor

11/30/52 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
11/30/57 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
11/30/67 Joan Baez, SDSU Peterson Gym
11/30/76 Ted Nugent, Rush , Golden Hall
11/30/76 Tom Waits, SDSU Backdoor
11/30/83 Gregg Allman Band, Rodeo
11/30/83 Sex Gang Children, Black Tango, Reptile House Marc Rude
11/30/85 Whitney Houston, Golden Hall
11/30/87 Bob Weir, Go Ahead, Bacchanal
11/30/95 Crosby, Stills & Nash, 4th & Bst.
11/30/96 Soundgarden, Rocket from the Crypt, Del Mar Fairgrounds


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