San Diego Concert Archive


08/01/53 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
08/01/58 Maddox Bros. & Retta, Bostonia Ballroom
08/01/71 Procol Harum, Turnquist Remedy, Earth
08/01/71 The Dillards, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, In The Alley
08/01/78 Dave Mason, Eddie Money, San Diego Sports Arena
08/01/81 D.O.A., Hated, No Age Limit, V-5, Fairmont Hall, Dead or Alive Presents
08/01/86 Joan Baez, Civic Theatre
08/01/87 Los Lobos, The Smithereens, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/01/91 Violent Femmes, Meat Puppets, Copley Symphony Hall
08/01/92 Lemonheads, Sound FX
08/01/93 Aerosmith, Megadeath, San Diego Sports Arena
08/01/99 Bad Co., David Lee Roth, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/02/58 Maddox Bros. & Retta, Bostonia Ballroom
08/02/68 Grateful Dead, Hippodrome
08/02/70 Quick Silver Messenger Service, Leon Russell, SDSU Sunrise concert II
08/02/76 Earth, Wind & Fire, San Diego Sports Arena
08/02/87 Adolescents, Bad Religion, Wabash Hall
08/02/92 Jerry Garcia Band, Devore Stadium
08/02/94 Toad The Wet Sprocket, Wasted Tape, Montezuma Hall
08/02/99 Earth, Wind & Fire, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/03/57 Mel Ryan Band, Bostonia Ballroom
08/03/68 Grateful Dead, Hippodrome
08/03/72 Seals & Crofts, BW Stevenson Funk Quarters
08/03/75 Sons of Chaplin, The Tubes, David LaFlame Band, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/03/80 Allman Bros., Starlight Bowl
08/03/93 STP, Butthole Surfers, North Island Naval Airstation
08/03/94 Harry Connick Jr., SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/03/98 Iron Maiden, Dio, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/04/71 Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, In The Alley
08/04/77 Willie Nelson, Civic Theatre
08/04/82 Heart, John Cougar, San Diego Sports Arena
08/04/88 Little Feat, Bacchanal
08/04/88 Erasure, California Theatre
08/04/90 The Ramones, Debrah Harry, Tom Tom Club, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/04/92 Sarah McLachlan, Sound FX
08/04/93 Pete Townshend, Copley Symphony Hall
08/04/95 Dave Matthews Band, Soma

08/05/70 Grateful Dead, Golden Hall
08/05/71 Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, In The Alley
08/05/72 Allman Brothers, San Diego Sports Arena
08/05/79 Cheap Trick, U.F.O., Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Travers Jack Murphy Stadium
08/05/80 Allman Brothers, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/05/90 Peter Murphy, Copley Symphony Hall
08/05/96 Cake, Casbah

08/06/45 Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter), Metro Theater
08/06/71 Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, In The Alley
08/06/83 Aerosmith, Dio, San Diego Sports Arena
08/06/85 Tom Petty, Civic Theatre
08/06/86 Jimmy Buffett, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/06/86 ZZ Top, San Diego Sports Arena
08/06/88 Bob Dylan, Sammis Pavilion
08/06/91 George Thorogood & the Destoryers, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/06/92 Los Lobos, Belly Up Tavern
08/06/99 Motley Crue, Scorpions, Coors Amphitheatre
08/06/98 Brian Setzer Ochestra, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/07/53 Slim Willet, Eddie Kirk, Bostonia Ballroom
08/07/54 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
08/07/65 Herman’s Hermits, Community Concourse
08/07/70 Leon Russell, Quicksilver Messenger Service, San Diego Sports Arena
08/07/71 Grateful Dead, Community Concourse
08/07/71 Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, In The Alley
08/07/79 Pere Ubu, Roxy Theater
08/07/80 Kingfish, Bacchanal
08/07/82 100 Flowers Kings Road Café
08/07/84 Ratt, Fastway, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/07/88 Rod Stewart, Devore Stadium
08/07/95 TLC, Monica, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/07/98 B52's, Coors Amphitheater
08/07/99 Santana, Mana, Coors Amphitheatre

08/08/64 Beach Boys, Russ Auditorium
08/08/71 Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, In The Alley
08/08/78 Blue Oyster Cult, U.F.O., San Diego Sports Arena
08/08/80 Jackson Browne, San Diego Sports Arena
08/08/85 Midnight Oil, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/08/86 Butthole Surfers, Spirit
08/08/88 Jimmy Buffett, San Diego Sports Arena
08/08/91 Joe Jackson, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/08/98 Brian Mcknight, 4th & Bst.
08/08/99 Santana, Mana, Coors Amphitheatre

08/09/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
08/09/68 James Brown & the Famous Flames, Balboa Stadium
08/09/69 Blood, Sweat & Tears, Convention Hall $3.004.75
08/09/75 B.B. King, Civic Theatre
08/09/76 ZZ Top, Winter Bros., Blue Oyster Cult, San Diego Stadium
08/09/78 Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/09/85 Tom Petty, Lone Justice, San Diego Sports Arena
08/09/89 Hoodoo Gurus, Bacchanal
08/09/90 Robert Plant, San Diego Sports Arena
08/09/91 Social Distortion, Iguanas
08/09/91 Unwritten Law, Tiltwheel, Texas Tea House
08/09/92 Crosby, Stills & Nash, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/10/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
08/10/68 Jefferson Airplane, Community Concourse
08/10/69 Led Zeppelin, San Diego Sports Arena
08/10/72 Jeff Beck, Community Concourse Convention Hall
08/10/73 T. Rex, Albert Hammond, Civic Theatre
08/10/75 James Brown, Golden Hall
08/10/77 E.L.O., Journey, San Diego Sports Arena
08/10/80 Pat Benetar, California Theatre
08/10/87 Andy Summers, Bacchanal
08/10/88 Chris Isaak, Rio Club
08/10/92 Slayer, Iguanna's
08/10/96 Dead Can Dance, Spreckels Theater

08/11/56 Mac Wiseman, Bostonia Ballroom
08/11/74 Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, Tom Waits, Golden Hall
08/11/82 Dead Kennedys Adams Avenue Theater
08/11/83 Journey, Bryan Adams, San Diego Sports Arena
08/11/84 Dead Kennedys, Adams Avenue Theater
08/11/86 Eurythmics, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/11/89 B.B King, Humphrey's by the Bay
08/11/89 Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/11/92 KD Lang, Copley Symphony Hall
08/11/94 Cadillac Tramps, No Doubt, Korn, World Beat Center
08/11/98 Santana, Los Lobos, Coors Amphitheatre

08/12/67 James Brown & the Famous Flames, San Diego Sports Arena
08/12/77 Styx, Civic Theatre
08/12/83 Manual Scan, Mystery Machine, The Trebels, Headquarters
08/12/84 Paul Simon, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/12/85 Bryan Adams, San Diego Sports Arena
08/12/86 AC/DC, Queensryche, San Diego Sports Arena
08/12/87 Jimmy Buffett, SDSU Open Air Theatre (?)
08/12/88 The Church, California Theatre
08/12/89 Bad Religion, Lazy Cowgirls, Funeral March, Iguanas
08/12/98 BB King, Dr. John, Jimmie Vaughan, Storyville, Coors Amphitheatre
08/12/99 Brian Setzer, BR5-49, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/13/68 The Spirit, Jello’s Gass Band, Community Concourse
08/13/72 The Doors w/o Jim Morrison, San Diego Sports Arena
08/13/81 The Ramones, California Theatre
08/13/82 Talking Heads, Civic Theatre
08/13/84 The GoGos, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/13/85 Sting, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/13/99 Unwritten Law, Sprung Monkey, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/14/69 Ramblin Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/14/79 Blondie, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/14/83 Peter Gabriel, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/14/86 Big Country, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/14/87 Santana, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/14/92 Guns & Roses, Metallica, Jack Murphy Stadium
08/14/93 Duran Duran, Terence Trent D'Arby, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/14/98 Tricky, 4th & Bst.
08/14/94 Jewel, The Rugburns, Copley Symphony Hall, SD Music Awards

08/15/58Carl Perkins, Bostonia Ballroom
08/15/69 Ramblin Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/15/75 Kingfish, Dave Torbert, La Paloma Theatre
08/15/71 Stephen Stills, San Diego Sports Arena
08/15/76 John Mayall, La Paloma
08/15/81 Kinks, San Diego Sports Arena
08/15/81 T.S.O.L., Youth Brigade, Minor Threat, Sacred Lies Fairmont Hall Dead or Alive Presents
08/15/82 Black Uhuru, California Theatre
08/15/84 Billy Idol, San Diego Sports Arena
08/15/86 Dissension, Fatal Error, CCM, Bloodlake, Jackie Robinson's YMCA
08/15/87 Dead Milkmen, Spirit
08/15/91 Smashing Pumpkins, Casbah
08/15/93 Julio Iglesias', Embarcadero
08/15/93 Danzig, Sacred Reich, Starlight Bowl
08/15/98 Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes, Gang Starr, Coors Amphitheatre

08/16/69 Ramblin Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/16/74 Weather Report, Civic Theatre
08/16/74 Edgar Winter, Bad Company, San Diego Sports Arena
08/16/75 Eric Clapton, Santana, San Diego Sports Arena
08/16/76 Jethro Tull, Robin Trower, Balboa Stadium
08/16/80 Foghat, San Diego Sports Arena
08/16/86 Firehose, Spirit Club
08/16/86 Diatribe, Fatal Error, Funhouse, White Mice, Bionic Penis, Jackie Robinson's YMCA
08/16/88 Bruce Hornsby, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/16/90 Chuck Berry, Bacchanal
08/16/95 Ringo Starr & his Thrid All-Star Band, Humphrey's by the Bay
08/16/96 The Cure, San Diego Sports Arena
08/16/98 Rocket From the Crypt, 4th & Bst
08/16/98 John Fogerty, Coors Amphitheatre

08/17/69 Ramblin Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/17/69 Diana Ross & the Superemes, San Diego Sports Arena
08/17/74 ZZ Top, Golden Hall
08/17/77 Roy Orbison, Fox Theater
08/17/91 Suicidal Tendencies, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/17/94 Steve Miller Band, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/18/81 Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, California Theatre
08/18/83 Rick James & the Mary Jane Girls, San Diego Sports Arena
08/18/83 The Plimsouls, Headquarters
08/18/88 Sugarcubes, Bacchanal
08/18/90 B52's, Ziggy Marley Xfest III, SDSU Aztec Bowl
08/18/94 ZZ Top, San Diego Sports Arena
08/18/99 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Coors Amphitheatre
08/18/98 Elton John, Coors Amphitheatre

08/19/55 Gary Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
08/19/73 The Four Tops, San Diego Sports Arena
08/19/77 Kiss, Cheap Trick, San Diego Sports Arena
08/19/83 G.B.H., Battalion of Saints, Adams Avenue Theater
08/19/83 Oingo Boingo, Golden Hall
08/19/84 Elton John, San Diego Sports Arena
08/19/85 Culture Club, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/19/89 10,000 Maniacs, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/19/90 Nirvana, Casbah
08/19/94 Social Distortion, Soma

08/20/54 Grandpa Jones, Bostonia Ballroom
08/20/55 Gary Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
08/20/68 James Cotton Blues Band, Exhibit Hall
08/20/72 Leon Russell, Nitzinger San Diego Sports Arena
08/20/80 Devo, California Theatre
08/20/82 Stray Cats, Adams Avenue Theater
08/20/83 The Tubes, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/20/88 Jimmy Cliff, California Theatre
08/20/88 Moody Blues, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/21/53 Eddie Kirk, Bostonia Ballroom
08/21/60 Ray Charles & the Raelets, Pacific Ballroom
08/21/69 Ramblin= Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/21/71 Quicksilver Messenger Service Earth
08/21/77 Alice Cooper, Dr. Hook, San Diego Sports Arena
08/21/84 Jimmy Buffett, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/21/94 Tori Amos, Copley Symphony Hall
08/21/98 Spice Girls, Coors Amphitheatre

08/22/69 Ramblin Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/22/70 The Doors, San Diego Sports Arena
08/22/71 Quicksilver Messenger Service, Earth
08/22/75 Smokey Robinson, Civic Theater
08/22/76 Steven Stills, The Marshall Tucker Band, San Diego Sports Arena (?)
08/22/81 The Tubes, Golden Hall
08/22/82 Marshall Tucker Band, Lakeside Rodeo
08/22/84 Aerosmith, Golden Hall
08/22/85 Kinks, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/22/88 10,000 Maniacs, California Theatre
08/22/89 The Who, Jack Murphy Stadium
08/22/95 Buddy Guy, Humphrey’s By The Bay

08/23/57 Bobby Helms, Bostonia Ballroom
08/23/69 Ramblin Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/23/69 Lee Michaels, Taj Mahal, Sweetwater, Balboa Park Bowl
08/23/72 New Riders of the Purple Sage, Wishbone Ash, Balboa Park Bowl
08/23/83 Stevie Ray Vaughan, Belly Up Tavern
08/23/88 B.B. King, Humphrey’s By The Bay
08/23/93 Whitney Houston, Embarcadero
08/23/94 Spin Doctors, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/23/98 Steve Miller Band, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/24/68 Jose Feliciano, Convention Hall
08/24/69 Ramblin Jack Elliott, Candy Company
08/24/76 Charlie Pride, Golden Hall
08/24/80 Heart, Robert Palmer, San Diego Sports Arena
08/24/83 Peter Tosh, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/24/93 Ice-T, Snoop Doggy Dog, Q-tip, San Diego Sports Arena
08/24/95 Primus, Mike Watt, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/24/99 Cher, Cyndi Lauper, San Diego Sports Arena

08/25/61 Nat King Cole, Barbara McNair, Russ Auditorium
08/25/1973 Dan Hicks, Jerry McCann, Bob Mosley, Pete Lewis, Craig Ingrahm, Linda Harmon, Tacoma, South Bay Speedway
08/25/77 Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, San Diego Sports Arena
08/25/79 Devo, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/25/82 Plimsouls, Penetrators, Manual Scan, Headquarters
08/25/84 The Psychedelic Furs, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/25/85 Motley Crue, Loudness, San Diego Sports Arena
08/25/89 Blue Oyster Cult, Bacchanal
08/25/94 Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Lollapalooza, Aztec Bowl

08/26/55 Terry Fell, Bostonia Ballroom
08/26/61 Nat King Cole, Barbara McNair, Russ Auditorium
08/26/72 Rod Stewart & The Faces, Ballin' Jack, San Diego Sports Arena
08/26/76 Fleetwood Mac, San Diego Sports Arena
08/26/89 Joe Jackson, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/26/92 Tori Amos, UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
08/26/92 Emerson, Lake & Palmer, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/26/93 Spin Doctors, Soul Asylum, Screaming trees, SDSU Open Air Theatre

08/27/54 Tommy Collins, Bostonia Ballroom
08/27/55 Terry Fell, Bostonia Ballroom
08/27/68 The Who, Community Concourse
08/27/68 Jose Feliciano, USD Gym
08/27/70 Van Morrison, Community Concourse
08/27/78 Marshall Tucker Band, San Diego Sports Arena
08/27/82 James Taylor, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/27/82 Scorpions, Saxon, San Diego Sports Arena
08/27/83 Eleven Sons, Headquarters
08/27/83 Sammy Hagar, San Diego Sports Arena
08/27/89 Jackson Browne, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/27/95 Steve Miller Band, Doobie Bros., San Diego Sports Arena
08/27/96 Def Leppard, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/27/96 Unwritten Law, Gregory Page, B side Players, 4th & Bst. SD Music Awards

08/28/53 Tex Carman, Bostonia Ballroom
08/28/65 Beatles, Balboa Stadium
08/28/66 Martha and the Vandellas, Convention Hall
08/28/79 Peter Frampton, San Diego Sports Arena
08/28/83 Simon & Garfunkel, Jack Murphy Stadium
08/28/84 INXS, California Theatre
08/28/86 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Belly Up Tavern
08/28/92 Indigo Girls, Matthew Sweet, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/28/94 Indigo Girls, Embarcadero
08/28/95 Ringo Starr & his Third All-Star Band, Humphrey’s By The Bay
08/28/95 The Ramones, Soma

08/29/66 The Yardbirds, Community Concourse (canceled show)
08/29/69 Three Dog Night, Community Concourse
08/29/86 The Smiths, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/29/86 Loudness, Poison, California Theatre
08/29/92 Melissa Etheridge, Copley Symphony Hall
08/29/94 BB King, Embarcadero

08/30/57 Johnny Cash, Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
08/30/83 Eddy Grant, El Cortez hotel
08/30/86 Los Lobos, Street Scene
08/30/87 Miles Davis, Humphrey’s By The Bay
08/30/88 Blood, Sweat & Tears, Rio Club
08/30/94 Jackson Browne & John Hiatt, Embarcadero
08/30/96 Allman Bros., Summer Pop Bowl Mission Beach
08/30/96 The Kinks, Copley Symphony Hall
08/30/98 Jethro Tull, Humphrey's By The Bay

08/31/56 Grandpa Jones, Bostonia Ballroom
08/31/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
08/31/75 Rod Stewart/Faces, Loggins & Messina, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Balboa Stadium
08/31/81 Bonnie Raitt, Bacchanal
08/31/83 Alarm, Rodeo
08/31/86 Moody Blues, The Fixx, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/31/87 Marshall Tucker Band, Bacchanal
08/31/90 Moody Blues, SDSU Open Air Theatre
08/31/96 Sting, San Diego Sports Arena


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