San Diego Concert Archive


04/01/50 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/01/67 The Knack, Cinnamon Cinder
04/01/67 The Righteous Brothers, San Diego Sports Arena
04/01/81 No Age Limit, Crucified Youth, Violation X, Distillery East
04/01/83 Black Flag, Adams Avenue Theater
04/01/84 Midnight Oil, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/01/85 Depeche Mode, San Diego Sports Arena
04/01/87 Chris Isaak, Belly Up Tavern
04/01/88 Kiss, Anthrax, San Diego Sports Arena

04/02/55 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/02/60 Ella Fitzgerald, Russ Auditorium
04/02/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
04/02/71 Randy Burns and the Sky Dog Band, Sally Thomas, In The Alley
04/02/76 Chicago, San Diego Sports Arena
04/02/76 U.F.O., Judas Priest, Civic Theatre
04/02/79 Jethro Tull , San Diego Sports Arena
04/02/80 Iggy Pop & the Penetrators, Roxy Theater
04/02/82 Bonnie Raitt, California Theatre
04/02/82 Circle Jerks, Adams Avenue Theater
04/02/85 REO Speedwagon, San Diego Sports Arena
04/02/92 Henry Rollins Band, Backdoor SDSU
04/02/95 Van Halen, San Diego Sports Arena
04/02/96 Iron Maiden, Soma (canceled show)

04/03/53 Joe Maphis Bostonia Ballroom
04/03/54 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/03/56 Elvis Presley, Milton Berle Show, USS Hancock
04/03/59 Fred Maddox, Bostonia Ballroom
04/03/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
04/03/71 Randy Burns and the Sky Dog Band, Sally Thomas, In The Alley
04/03/72 George Carlin, Funky Quarters
04/03/76 Bachman Turner Overdrive, San Diego Sports Arena
04/03/76 The Tubes, UCSD Gym (?)
04/03/82 Wall of Voodoo, Adams Avenue Theater
04/03/82 XTC, California Theatre
04/03/89 Randy Newman, Bacchanal (?)
04/03/92 Henry Rollins Band, SDSU Backdoor
04/03/99 Alanis Morissette, Garbage, Cox Arena
04/03/99 Rusted Root, 4th & Bst.

04/04/52 Joe Maphis Bostonia Ballroom
04/04/56 Elvis Presley, San Diego Arena
04/04/59 Fred Maddox, Bostonia Ballroom
04/04/70 James Cotton Blues Band, USD Gym
04/04/71 Randy Burns and the Sky Dog Band, Sally Thomas, In The Alley
04/04/73 Yes, Poco, San Diego Sports Arena
04/04/78 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/04/80 Frank Zappa, San Diego Sports Arena
04/04/80 The Zippers, The Attachments, Skeleton Club
04/04/80 X, The Crowd, The Blasters, North Park Lion's Club
04/04/82 Sammy Hagar, Quarterflash, San Diego Sports Arena
04/04/83 Thompson Twins, El Cortez Hotel
04/04/86 John Cougar Mellencamp, San Diego Sports Arena
04/04/89 Randy Newman, Bacchanal (?)
04/04/96 Joan Osborne, UCSD Price Center
04/04/99 The Offspring, Cox Arena

04/05/56 Elvis Presley, San Diego Arena
04/05/57 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
04/05/66 Ike & Tina Turner Revue, Cinnamon Cinder
04/05/73 Yes, Poco, San Diego Sports Arena
04/05/78 Foghat, Eddie Money, San Diego Sports Arena
04/05/80 The Barkays, San Diego Sports Arena
04/05/80 Zippers, Dinettes, La Paloma Theatre
04/05/80 X, Skeleton Club
04/05/82 B.B. King, Bacchanal
04/05/82 Huey Lewis & the News, Rodeo
04/05/89 Graham Parker, Bacchanal
04/05/90 Rush, San Diego Sports Arena
04/05/94 Cocteau Twins, Copley Symphony Hall

04/06/57 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
04/06/68 Blue Cheer, Jello’s Gas Band, Community Concourse
04/06/75 Santana, San Diego Sports Arena
04/06/77 Todd Rundren's Utopia, Civic Theatre
04/06/82 The Misfits, North Park Lions Club
04/06/86 Loverboy, Hooters, San Diego Sports Arena
04/06/94 INXS, Material Issue, San Diego Sports Arena
04/06/97 Counting Crows, UCSD RIMAC Arena

04/07/57 Little Jimmy Dickens, Bostonia Ballroom
04/07/61 The Kingsmen, The Rhythm-Aires, St. Augustine High School Gym
04/07/75 Grover Washington Jr, SDSU Backdoor
04/07/76 Golden Earring, Slade, Be-Bop Deluxe, Civic Theatre
04/07/87 Concrete Blond, Bacchanal
04/07/88 Albert Collins, Belly Up Tavern
04/07/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse

04/08/50 Curley Balden & the Rhythm Rangers, Bostonia Ballroom
04/08/55 Slim Whitman, Bostonia Ballroom
04/08/61 Frank Yankovic, Bostonia Ballroom
04/08/73 Canned Heat, Quicksilver Messenger Service, San Diego Sports Arena
04/08/80 The Ramones, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/08/81 Eric Clapton, San Diego Sports Arena
04/08/82 John Lee Hooker, Belly Up Tavern
04/08/83 X, Dream Syndicate, Last, Green on Red, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/08/89 Crowed House, UCSD Gym
04/08/91 INXS, San Diego Sports Arena
04/08/94 Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Starlight Bowl
04/08/95 Cranberries, Grant Lee Buffalo, UCSD RIMAC Center

04/09/71 Kinks, Convention Hall (Kinks cancel and James Cotton Blues played instead)
04/09/71 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Garland, In The Alley
04/09/74 Deep Purple, San Diego Sports Arena
04/09/75 Ray Charles, Civic Theatre
04/09/76 Boz Scaggs, Civic Theatre
04/09/79 Alice Cooper, San Diego Sports Arena
04/09/79 Dickies, Roxy Theater
04/09/82 Black Sabbath, The Outlaws, San Diego Sports Arena
04/09/83 Romeo Void, Untouchables, Burning Sensations, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/09/99 Sprung Monkey, Fluf, Casbah
04/09/99 Tragically Hip, 4th & Bst.

04/10/69 Big Mama Thorton, Colwell Winfield Blues Band, Absolutely Free, United Fruit Company
04/10/71 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Garland, In The Alley
04/10/76 L:ittle Feat, Marshall Tucker Band, Civic Theatre
04/10/82 Salvation Army (Three O'Clock), Manual Scan, Kings Road Cafe
04/10/82 Diana Ross, San Diego Sports Arena
04/10/83 Ultra Vox, Messengers, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/10/86 10,000 Maniacs, Spirit
04/10/92 Bad Religion, Rocket from the Crypt, Iguanna's

04/11/52 Hank Locklin, Bostonia Ballroom
04/11/53 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/11/58 Hank Thompson, Bostonia Ballroom
04/11/69 Big Mama Thorton, Colwell Winfield Blues Band, Absolutely Free, United Fruit Company
04/11/71 Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Garland, In The Alley
04/11/78 Outlaws, .38 Special, San Diego Sports Arena
04/11/80 Cardiac Kidz, SDSU Backdoor
04/11/80 Ivy & the Eaters, Nu-Beams The, P-15's, Skeleton Club, SDM Productions
04/11/89 Tesla, Poison, San Diego Sports Arena

04/12/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/12/69 Big Mama Thorton, Colwell Winfield Blues Band, Absolutely Free, United Fruit Company
04/12/69 Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, Country Joe & the Fish, Convention Hall
04/12/75 Fleetwood Mac, Loggins & Messina, Rod Stewart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Balboa Bowl
04/12/76 Slade, Blitz Bros., Bacchanal
04/12/80 The Weirdos, The Injections, The Crowd, Skeleton Club
04/12/85 Loudness, California Theatre
04/12/85 Replacements, SDSU Backdoor
04/12/87 Bruce Hornsby, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/12/88 Whitesnake, Great White, San Diego Sports Arena
04/12/90 Alice Cooper, California Theatre
04/12/90 Faith No More, Primus, Bacchanal
04/12/91 Eric Johnson, Bacchanal
04/12/92 Lizzy Borden, Spirit Club

04/13/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/13/75 Nova, Hugh Masakela, SDSU Backdoor
04/13/76 Slade, Blitz Bros., Bacchanal
04/13/79 George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Roxy Theater
04/13/80 The Pretenders, UCSD Gym
04/13/85 Tex and the Horseheads, Scream'n Sirens, Plain Wrap, Rock Palace, Black Market Productions
04/13/87 U2, San Diego Sports Arena
04/13/89 Bad Company, Vixen, California Theatre
04/13/91 Sisters of Mercy, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/13/92 Vinnie Moore, Shotgun Messiah, Sound FX
04/13/93 Soul Asylum, Meat Puppets, SDSU Montezuma Hall

04/14/73 Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Rory Gallagher, San Diego Sports Arena
04/13/73 Roy Raisin, UCSD Gym
04/14/84 Battalion of Saints, Social Distortion, Fairmont Hall
04/14/84 Saxon, Accept, Fox Theater
04/14/87 U2, San Diego Sports Arena

04/14/78 Elvin Bishop, California Theatre
04/14/84 Social Distortion, Battalion of Saints, Fairmont Hall
04/14/90 Ian Mccullogh, Bacchanal

04/14/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
04/14/94 Pink Floyd, Jack Murphy Stadium

04/15/50 Wesley Tuttle, Bostonia Ballroom
04/15/62 Joan Baez, El Cortez International Room
04/15/78 Genesis, San Diego Sports Arena
04/15/84 Duran Duran, San Diego Sports Arena
04/15/88 Midnight Oil, X, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/15/89 Bunny Wailer, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/15/92 U2, Pixies, San Diego Sports Arena
04/15/96 KD Lang, Copley Symphony Hall
04/15/99 'N Sync, Cox Arena
04/15/99 Candlebox, 4th & Bst.

04/16/71 Tim Rose, SDSU Backdoor
04/16/71 Albert Collins, David Ackles, In The Alley
04/16/74 Jefferson Starship, Civic Theatre
04/16/77 Iggy Pop, Blondie, Civic Theatre
04/16/82 The Misfits, Battalion of Saints, Executives, North Park Lions Club, Dead or Alive Presents
04/16/82 The Answers, Headquarters
04/16/87 Ratt, Poison, San Diego Sports Arena
04/16/88 7 Seconds, Bad Religion, Palisades Theater
04/16/93 House of Pain, Rage against the Machine, Iguanas
04/16/96 Red Hot Chilli Peppers, San Diego Sports Arena
04/16/96 Emmylou Harris, 4th & Bst.
04/16/99 JayZ, DMX, Method Man & Redman (Hard Knock Life Tour) San Diego Sports Arena
04/16/99 Jeff Beck, SDSU Open Air Theatre

04/17/53 Wesley Tuttle, Bostonia Ballroom
04/17/59 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/17/69 The Sons Elvin Bishop, USD Gym
04/17/70 Joe Cocker & Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Stone the Crow, Convention Hall
04/17/71 Tim Rose, SDSU Backdoor
04/17/71 Albert Collins, David Ackles, In The Alley
04/17/76 Kool and the Gang, San Diego Sports Arena
04/17/84 Duran Duran, San Diego Sports Arena
04/17/92 Social Distorion, UCSD Gym
04/17/99 Korn, Rob Zombie, Cox Arena

04/18/52 Johnny Horton, Bostonia Ballroom
04/18/58 Rose Maddox, Bostonia Ballroom
04/18/59 Tommy Duncan, Merle Travis, Bostonia Ballroom
04/18/69 The Sons Elvin Bishop, USD Gym
04/18/70 Jamul, Palomar Dome
04/18/71 Albert Collins, David Ackles, In The Alley
04/18/71 Elvin Bishop, Sons of Champlin, Stoneground, USD Gym
04/18/76 Arlo Guthrie, Community Concourse
04/18/83 Billy Squire, Def Leppard, San Diego Sports Arena
04/18/83 Simple Minds, UCSD Gym
04/18/85 Venom, Slayer, California Theatre
04/18/86 Echo & the Bunnymen, The Church, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/18/87 Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/18/89 Neil Diamond, San Diego Sports Arena
04/18/93 Jerry Garcia Band, San Diego Sports Arena

04/19/58 Rose Maddox. Bostonia Ballroom
04/19/74 Tom Waits, Folk Festival (Adams Ave Street Fair)
04/19/80 Bates Motel, The Willys, Fluke, Skeleton Club, Rash Productions
04/19/85 Madonna, Beastie Boys, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/19/86 Simple Minds, The Call, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/19/96 Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 4th & Bst.

04/20/71 El Chicano, SDSU Greek Bowl
04/20/77 Marshall Tucker Band, Civic Theatre
04/20/84 John Cougar Mellencamp, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/20/85 Madonna, Beastie Boys, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/20/92 Howard Jones, SoundFX
04/20/94 Beck, World Beat Center
04/20/96 Deftones, Soma

04/21/75 Pink Floyd, San Diego Sports Arena
04/21/77 Kinks, Civic Theatre
04/21/79 Judas Priest, San Diego Sports Arena
04/21/80 U.F.O., San Diego Sports Arena
04/21/80 The Boomtown Rats, Fox Theater
04/21/83 Triumph, Foghat, San Diego Sports Arena
04/21/85 Miles Davis, Humphrey's by the Bay
04/21/88 Social Distortion, SDSU backdoor
04/21/89 Bon Jovi, Skid Row, San Diego Sports Arena
04/21/89 Lou Reed, California Theatre
04/21/93 Buddy Guy, Belly Up Tavern
04/21/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse

04/22/50 Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys, Pacific Square Theater
04/22/50 Curley Balden & the Rhythm Rangers, Bostonia Ballroom
04/22/79 Roxy Music, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/22/84 Adam Ant, Golden Hall
04/22/84 Eurythmics, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/22/88 Kinks, SDSU Open Air Theatre

04/23/50 Joe Liggins & the Honeydrippers, Pacific Square Theater
04/23/53 Kitty Wells, Johhny & Jack, Bostonia Ballroom
04/23/71 Oliver, Thomas and Suzanne, In The Alley
04/23/76 Robin Trower, San Diego Sports Arena
04/23/78 Mahogany Rush, Judas Priest, Civic Theatre
04/23/82 Missing Persons, California Theatre
04/23/82 The Cramps, Adams Avenue Theater
04/23/83 Tom Petty, Ramones, Stray Cats, Modern English, Jack Murphy
04/23/85 Albert Collins, Bacchanal
04/23/89 Skid Row, Bacchanal
04/23/90 Janet Jackson, San Diego Sports Arena
04/23/91 Neil Young, Social Distortion, San Diego Sports Arena
04/23/99 Smashing Pumpkins, Spreckles Theatre
04/23/99 BR5-49, Belly Up Tavern

04/24/70 B.B. King, The Palace
04/24/71 Arlo Guthrie, Swampwater Convention Hall
04/24/71 Oliver, Thomas and Suzanne, In The Alley
04/24/75 Lynrynd Skynyrd, San Diego Sports Arena
04/24/76 Elvis Presley, San Diego Sports Arena
04/24/84 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rodeo
04/24/88 Y & T, Black ‘n Blue, Bacchanal
04/24/89 Gregg Allman Band, Bacchanal
04/24/92 Soundgarden, Iguana's
04/24/92 LA Guns, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/24/93 Great White, Iguanas

04/25/42 Donald Dickson, William Hughes, Russ Auditorium
04/25/54 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
04/25/58 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/25/71 Chicago, San Diego Sports Arena
04/25/71 Oliver, Thomas and Suzanne, In The Alley
04/25/76 Savoy Brown, Golden Hall
04/25/80 Los Plugz, Stepmothers The, Evasions, Skeleton Club Rash Productions
04/25/85 Bo Diddley, Belly Up Tavern
04/25/86 The Cult, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/25/92 Sugarcubes, Cracker, Iguanna's
04/25/92 Afghan Whigs, SDSU Backdoor

04/26/57 Sons of the Pioneers, Bostonia Ballroom
04/26/58 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
04/26/68 John Mayall, Deep Purple, Community Concourse
04/26/73 Elvis Presley, San Diego Sports Arena
04/26/74 Jimmy Buffett, UCSD Gym
04/26/78 Dickie Betts & Great Southern, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/26/80 Pointed Sticks, Young Canadians, Enemy, Skeleton Club, Rash Productions
04/26/82 The Cramps, Middle Class Spirit Club
04/26/84 Scorpions, San Diego Sports Arena
04/26/86 Violent Femmes, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/26/93 Fugazi, Soma
04/26/95 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Jayhawks, San Diego Sports Arena
04/26/99 Lenny Kravtiz, Black Crowes, Coors Amphitheatre

04/27/52 Hank Thompson, Bostonia Ballroom
04/27/57 Sons of the Pioneers, Bostonia Ballroom
04/27/72 Doc Watson, SDSU Backdoor
04/27/73 War, Civic Theatre
04/27/84 Minute Men, SDSU backdoor
04/27/84 Subhumans, Red Scare, Killroy, Fairmont Hall
04/27/85 Christain Death, The Web, Faces of Drama, Rock Palace, Black Market Productions
04/27/86 Anthrax, D.R.I., Adams Avenue Theater
04/27/89 Bo Diddley, Belly Up Tavern
04/27/90 Garth Brooks, Hot Tuna, Bacchanal
04/27/94 Afghan Whig, Red Kross, Soma

04/28/50 Tex Williams, Smokey Rogers, Deuce Spriggens, Bostonia Ballroom
04/28/72 Doc Watson, SDSU Backdoor
04/28/74 Pointer Sisters, Civic Theatre
04/28/76 Tommy Bolin, La Paloma Theatre
04/28/78 Flying Burrito Brothers, SDSU Backdoor
04/28/81 Jimmy Buffett, Golden Hall
04/28/84 Subhumans, Fairmont Hall
04/28/85 Vandals, MIA, Love Canal, SDSU Backdoor
04/28/89 Dr Know, Excel, Infamous Sinphony, Insecticide, Fairmont Hall
04/28/92 Lou Reed, Copley Symphony Hall
04/28/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
04/28/97 U2, Rage Against The Machine, Jack Murphy Stadium

04/29/62 New Lost City Ramblers, Hoover High School
04/29/66 Booker T and the MG's, Shipwrecked (SD Rowing Club)
04/29/67 Buck Owens, Community Concourse
04/29/73 J.Geils Band, San Diego Sports Arena
04/29/73 Barry White & Love Unlimited, Civic Theatre
04/29/77 Bob Seger, Sammy Hagar, San Diego Sports Arena
04/29/83 Black Flag, Adams Avenue Theater
04/29/83 T.S.O.L:, Kommunity FK, Rancho Grande Tijuana
04/29/83 George Clinton and the P. Funk Allstars, Fox Theater
04/29/83 Kinks, San Diego Sports Arena (Postponed to 05/06/83)
04/29/92 Fishbone, UCSD Price Center
04/29/94 Janet Jackson, San Diego Sports Arena
04/29/99 Rocket From the Crypt, Casbah
04/29/99 Mike Ness, 4th & Bst.

04/30/71 Tim Rose, In The Alley
04/30/75 Joe Walsh, San Diego Sports Arena
04/30/76 Jimmy Buffett, SDSU Backdoor
04/30/80 Bob Seger, San Diego Sports Arena
04/30/83 Roxy Music, SDSU Open Air Theatre
04/30/92 Fishbone, UCSD Price Center Ballroom
04/30/93 Dinosaur Jr., Soma
04/30/94 Nine Inch Nails, Fem 2 Fem, Type O Negative, SDSU Montezuma Hall
04/30/94 Jewel, Starlight Bowl
04/30/95 Little Feat, Humphrey’s by the bay
04/30/99 Rocket From the Crypt, Casbah


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