San Diego Concert Archive


07/01/50 Hank Penny, Bostonia Ballroom
07/01/67 Mitch Ryder, Wolfman Jack, Community Concourse
07/01/71 Doc Watson & Son, Curt Bouterse, In The Alley
07/01/80 Grateful Dead, San Diego Sports Arena
07/01/82 Dead Kennedys, Fairmont Hall
07/01/84 Jefferson Starship, Del Mar Fairgrounds
07/01/85 Cheap Trick, Del Mar Fairgrounds
07/01/89 Bonnie Raitt, California Theatre
07/01/92 Peter Murphy, Copley Symphony Hall
07/01/94 Drive Like Jehu, Tanner, Doo Rag, World Beat Center
07/01/98 Rancid, NOFX, Deftones, Bad Religion, Del Mar Fairgrounds

07/02/52 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
07/02/65 Beach Boys, Sam the Sham, Community Concourse
07/02/68 Iron Butterfly, Community Concourse
07/02/71 Doc Watson & Son, Curt Bouterse, In The Alley
07/02/77 Johnny Winter, San Diego Sports Arena
07/02/88 Gregg Allman, Del Mar Fairgrounds
07/02/89 Gangland, Exodus, Santa Clause, Iguanas
07/02/92 Natalie Cole, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/02/94 No Use For A Name, Billyclub, Soma
07/02/95 The Melvins, Casbah

07/03/53 Tex Williams, Nancy Wymble, Eddie Kirk, Bostonia Ballroom
07/03/54 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/03/56 Faron Young, Bostonia Ballroom
07/03/71 Doc Watson & Son, Curt Bouterse, In The Alley
07/03/82 100 Flowers, Kings Road Café
07/03/86 Sonic Youth, North Park Lions Club
07/03/93 Stone Temple Pilots, Butthole Surfers, Firehose, North Island Naval Airstation
07/03/98 Van Halen, Del Mar Fairgrounds

07/04/58 Freddie Hart, Eddie Cletro, Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/04/66 Beach Boys, Community Concourse Exhibit Hall
07/04/71 Doc Watson & Son, Curt Bouterse, In The Alley
07/04/83 Flock of Seagulls, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/04/92 Rocket from the Crypt, Casbah
07/04/95 Allman Brothers, Del Mar Fairgrounds

07/05/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/05/58 Lefty Frizzell, Eddie Cletro, Freddie Hart, Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/05/68 Quicksilver Messenger Service, Velvet Underground, Hippodrome
07/05/72 Poco Harum, Coldblood, The Eagles, Golden Hall
07/05/79 New Riders of the Purple Sage, Roxy Theater
07/05/79 Bee Gees, San Diego Sports Arena
07/05/80 Queen, San Diego Sports Arena
07/05/81 Pat Travers, Del Mar Fairgrounds
07/05/84 Raven, Anthrax, Adams Avenue Theatre
07/05/94 Chris Isaak, Humphrey's by the Bay
07/05/96 NOFX, Rocket from the Crypt, Unwritten Law, Blink 182, San Diego Sports Arena

07/06/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/06/68 Quicksilver Messenger Service, Velvet Underground, Hippodrome
07/06/85 DRI, Love Canal, Wabash Hall
07/06/89 Harry Belafonte, Humphrey's by the bay
07/06/91 Bang Tango, Iguanas

07/07/71 Janis Ian, Harold Oblong, In The Alley
07/07/73 Chuck Berry, San Diego Sports Arena
07/07/84 Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Saccharine Trust, DC3, Adams Avenue Theater
07/07/86 Mojo Nixon, Carpenter's Hall
07/07/88 The Ramones, Bacchanal
07/07/89 Accept, Iguanas
07/07/92 Tesla, Firehouse, San Diego Sports Arena
07/07/95 Unwritten Law, Soma
07/07/99 Dave Matthews Band, Jimmy Cliff, Coors Amphitheatre

07/08/54 Lefty Frizzell, Floyd Cramer Band, Bostonia Ballroom
07/08/55 Judy Garland, Russ Auditorium?
07/08/55 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/08/67 The Doors, The Lyric's, Marsha & The Esquires, Linda & The Centarones, Balboa Stadium
07/08/71 Janis Ian, Harold Oblong, In The Alley
07/08/78 Van Halen, San Diego Sports Arena
07/08/83 Iron Maiden, Saxon, Fastway, San Diego Sports Arena
07/08/86 P.I.L., California Theatre
07/08/90 UB40, Smithereens, San Diego Sports Arena

07/09/68 Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Community Concourse
07/09/71 Janis Ian, Harold Oblong, In The Alley
07/09/76 Commodores, Civic Theatre
07/09/78 Bruce Springsteen, San Diego Sports Arena
07/09/80 Sammy Hagar, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/09/82 Minor Threat, Battalion of Saints, Husker Du, Men of Clay, International Blend
07/09/85 Tears For Fears, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/09/89 Tesla, Great White, SDSU Open Air Theatre

07/10/68 Diana Ross & the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, San Diego Sports Arena
07/10/69 James Brown & the Famous Flames, San Diego Sports Arena
07/10/71 Janis Ian, Harold Oblong, In The Alley
07/10/77 Peter Frampton, San Diego Sports Arena
07/10/78 Screamers, Zeros, Abbey Road
07/10/85 The Tubes, Utopia, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/10/94 Susannah Hoffs, Casbah
07/10/98 Pearl Jam, Cox Arena

07/11/58 Bobby Helms, Lee Emerson, Floyd Tillman, Bostonia Ballroom
07/11/59 Benny Barnes, Bostonia Ballroom
07/11/70 Janis Joplin, San Diego Sports Arena, $3.755.50
07/11/71 Janis Ian, Harold Oblong, In The Alley
07/11/86 Depeche Mode, Book of Love, San Diego Sports Arena
07/11/86 The Cramps, The Pandoras, The Telltale Hearts, California Theatre, Tim Maze Presents
07/11/99 Go Go's, Berlin, SDSU Open Air Theatre

07/12/57 Wanda Jackson, Bostonia Ballroom
07/12/58 Floyd Tillman, Bostonia Ballroom
07/12/59 Wanda Jackson, Bostonia Ballroom
07/12/69 Fifth Dimension, San Diego Sports Arena
07/12/77 Joan Baez, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/12/88 Marshall Tucker Band, Bacchanal
07/12/91 Afgan Whigs, Casbah
07/12/98 John Cale, The Creatures, 4th & Bst

07/13/56 Pee Wee King, Bostonia Ballroom
07/13/57 Wanda Jackson, Bostonia Ballroom
07/13/59 Wanda Jackson, Bostonia Ballroom
07/13/77 Heart, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/13/85 Randy Newman, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/13/86 Stevie Nicks, Peter Frampton, San Diego Sports Arena
07/13/91 Primus, Iguanas
07/13/95 Peter Murphy, Spreckels Theatre

07/14/71 Bob Lind, Rainbow in the Willow, In The Alley
07/14/76 Linda Ronstadt, San Diego Sports Arena
07/14/80 Marshall Tucker Band, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/14/84 Missing Person, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/14/85 Queensryche, Keel, California Theatre
07/14/95 Radiohead, Soma

07/15/54 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
07/15/71 Bob Lind, Rainbow in the Willow, In The Alley
07/15/73 Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Balboa Stadium
07/15/77 John Lee Hooker, Civic Theatre
07/15/81 Joe Walsh, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/15/82 Squeeze, Oingo Boingo, Golden Hall
07/15/88 Tracy Chapman, Bacchanal
07/15/89 Camper Van Beethoven, Iguanas
07/15/90 Samhain, Rio's
07/15/92 Gipsy Kings, SDSU Open Air Theatre

07/16/55 Sons of the Pioneers, Bostonia Ballroom
07/16/68 Butterfield Blues Band, Framework, Community Concourse
07/16/71 Bob Lind, Rainbow in the Willow, In The Alley
07/16/73 Weather Report, Neutral Gounds
07/16/74 J. Geils Band, Peter Frampton, San Diego Sports Arena
07/16/76 Kris Kistofferson, Civic Theatre
07/16/83 Marshall Tucker Band, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/16/92 Unwritten Law, Soma
07/16/93 Radiohead, World Beat Center
07/16/93 Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Soma
07/16/94 Soundgarden, Del Mar Fairground
07/16/96 Goo Goo Dolls, Soma
07/16/99 Lilith Fair, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Coors Amphitheater

07/17/52 Dude Martin, Bostonia Ballroom
07/17/53 Eddie Kirk, Bostonia Ballroom
07/17/59 George Jones, Bostonia Ballroom
07/17/68 Beach Boys, Convention Hall
07/17/71 Emerson, Lake & Palmer, San Diego Sports Arena
07/17/71 Bob Lind, Rainbow in the Willow, In The Alley
07/17/73 Weather Report, Neutral Gounds
07/17/81 Cheifs, Nutrons, Violent Crime, Anti Trust, Nutrons, Fairmont Hall, Dead or Alive Presents
07/17/87 D.R.I., Adrenaline O.D., Life Sentence, Wabash Hall
07/17/87 The Cure, San Diego Sports Arena
07/17/88 John Entwhistle, Bacchanal
07/17/90 Church, SDSU Montezuma Hall
07/17/92 Dan Fogelberg, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/17/93 Frank Black, Iguanas
07/17/94 Stone Temple Pilots, Red Kross, SDSU Open Air Theatre

07/18/58 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/18/71 Bob Lind, Rainbow in the Willow, In The Alley
07/18/76 Peter Frampton, Yes, Balboa Stadium
07/18/85 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Belly Up Tavern
07/18/90 Michael Penn, Victoria Williams, SDSU Montezuma Hall
07/18/92 Rollins Band, Tool, Iguanas
07/18/95 Boston, San Diego Sports Arena

07/19/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/19/58 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/19/68 Bo Diddley, Maya, Frumious Bandersnatch, Hippodrome
07/19/69 Holwin' Wolf, The Place ?? year
07/19/78 Kinks, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/19/79 Mahogany Rush, AC/DC, San Diego Sports Arena
07/19/80 Penetrators, DFX2, Dinettes, American Legion Hall ?year?
07/19/80 Harry Chapin, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/19/89 Love & Rockets, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/19/92 Allman Brothers, Blues Travler, Convention Center
07/19/94 Pantera, Sepultura, Prong, San Diego Sports Arena

07/20/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/20/68 Bo Diddley, Maya, Frumious Bandersnatch, Hippodrome
07/20/78 Cheap Trick, Pat Travers, California Theatre
07/20/85 SNFU, Palisade Garden's Roller Rink
07/20/91 Janes Addiction, Sioxsie & the Banshees, Henry Rollins, NIN, Devore Stadium, Lollapalooza
07/20/96 Pantera, White Zombie, San Diego Sports Arena

07/21/56 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/21/65 Sonny & Cher, The Power House
07/21/78 Isley Brothers, San Diego Sports Arena
07/21/79 Jimmy Buffett, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/21/98 Chicago, Hall & Oates, Coors Amphitheatre

07/22/54 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
07/22/65 Sonny & Cher, The Power House
07/22/67 Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Convention Hall
07/22/72 Alice Cooper, Jo Jo Gunne, Captain Beyond, San Diego Sports Arena
07/22/75 The Ramones, La Paloma Theatre
07/22/81 Oingo Boingo, The Little Bararia
07/22/82 Ted Nugent, San Diego Sports Arena
07/22/89 Thelonious Monster, Buck Pets, Mother Love Bone, Iguanas
07/22/93 Arlo Guthrie, Croce's Top Hat Saloon
07/22/94 Blink 182, Soma
07/22/98 Candlebox, 'Canes
07/22/98 YES, Alan Parsons, SDSU Open Air Theatre

07/23/60 Patsy Cline, Bostonia Ballroom
07/23/68 Steppenwolf, Brain Police, Community Concourse
07/23/77 Styx, Civic Theatre
07/23/79 Johnny Cougar, Roxy Theater
07/23/86 The Cure, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/23/93 Peter Gabriel, San Diego Sports Arena
07/23/95 Hootie & the Blowfish, SDSU Open Air Theatre

07/24/78 Bob Marley & The Wailers, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/24/81 Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Travers, San Diego Sports Arena
07/24/82 Elvis Costello & The Attractions, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/24/84 Frank Zappa, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/24/85 Power Station, Adam Ant, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/24/93 Jellyfish, Iguanas
07/24/99 Barry Manilow, Copley Symphony Hall

07/25/68 Butterfield Blues Band, Maya, Early Morning Blues Band, Hippodrome
07/25/70 Jimi Hendrix, San Diego Sports Arena
07/25/71 Neil Diamond, San Diego Sports Arena
07/25/71 DC Blues Band, Maxayn, Pollution, Balboa Bowl
07/25/78 Kenny Loggins, Al Di Meola, San Diego Sports Arena
07/25/86 Dio, Accept, San Diego Sports Arena
07/25/89 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, The Replacements, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/25/93 Billy Ray Cyrus, Jack Murphy Stadium
07/25/97 Steve Poltz, Java Joe’s
07/25/98 Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/25/99 Barry Manilow, Copley Symphony Hall

07/26/69 Dionne Warwick, Woody Herman, Watts 103rd St, Hugh Masekla, San Diego Sports Arena
07/26/74 Bruce Springsteen, Civic Theater (Canceled Concert)
07/26/77 Nils Lofgen, La Paloma Theatre
07/26/81 Rick James, San Diego Sports Arena
07/26/85 REM, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/26/86 Robert Palmer, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/26/87 Duran Duran, San Diego Sports Arena
07/26/89 Pixies, Bacchanal
07/26/94 Yes, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/26/95 Dishwater, Mother Hips, Casbah
07/26/96 Blues Traveler, Lenny Kravtiz, Dave Matthews Band, Rusted Root, Sheryl Crow, Devore Stadium

07/27/52 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
07/27/68 Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Ike & Tina Turner revue, Convention Hall
07/27/69 Jefferson Airplane, Balboa Stadium
07/27/85 Suzanne Vega, San Diego Sports Arena
07/27/88 George Thorogood, San Diego Sports Arena
07/27/94 Jeff Buckley, Jewel, Hahn Cosmopolitian Theatre
07/27/96 No Doubt, Soma

07/28/71 The Dillards, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, In The Alley
07/28/74 Chicago, Santana, Balboa Stadium
07/28/74 James Brown, Golden Hall
07/28/84 T.S.O.L., Adams Avenue Theater
07/28/84 Bangles, SDSU Montezuma Hall
07/28/85 Santana, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/28/89 Rod Stewart, San Diego Sports Arena
07/28/89 The Call, California Theatre
07/28/89 The Screaming Trees, Spirit
07/28/90 Depeche Mode, San Diego Sports Arena
07/28/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse

07/29/55 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/29/67 Loving Spoonful, Simon & Garfunkel, San Diego Sports Arena
07/29/71 The Dillards, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, In The Alley

07/29/73 Edgar Winter, Tower Of Power, Sons of Champlin, Jo Jo Gunne, Spooky Tooth, Balboa Stadium
07/29/88 Chuck Berry, Humphreys By the Bay
07/29/90 Depeche Mode, San Diego Sports Arena
07/29/94 Rollins Band, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/29/94 Los Lobos, Festival Plaza Hotel Rosarito Beach
07/29/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
07/29/95 Foo Fighters, Soma
07/29/95 Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Brick by Brick

07/30/54 Maddox Bros.& Rose, Bostonia Ballroom
07/30/55 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
07/30/71 Taj Mahal, Earth
07/30/71 The Dillards, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, In The Alley
07/30/75 Average White Band, San Diego Sports Arena
07/30/89 Pat Metheny Group, SDSU Open Air Theatre

07/31/53 Cliffie Stone, Hometown Jamboree, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bostonia Ballroom
07/31/60 The Drifters, Pacific Ballroom
07/31/65 Louis Armstrong, Civic Theatre
07/31/71 Taj Mahal, Earth
07/31/77 Kenny Loggins, SDSUGreek Bowl
07/31/81 REO Speedwagon, San Diego Sports Arena
07/31/82 Twisted Roots, Dream Syndicate, Black Tango, Kings Road Cafe
07/31/86 Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bonnie Raitt, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/31/87 Lou Graham, Patty Smyth, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/31/87 Suzanne Vega, North Park Thearte
07/31/87 Bo Diddley, Belly Up Tavern
07/31/88 Sting, Steel Pulse, Devore Stadium
07/31/90 Depeche Mode, San Diego Sports Arena
07/31/92 Charlatans UK, Iguanna's
07/31/92 Mighty Mighty Boss Tones, Soma
07/31/92 Jimmy Cliff, SDSU Open Air Theatre
07/31/94 Metallica, Alice in Chains, Brown Field
07/31/95 Slash's Snakepit, New Bacchanal


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