San Diego Concert Archive


02/01/57 Maddox Bros. & Retta, Bostonia Ballroom
02/01/74 Moody Blues, San Diego Sports Arena
02/01/75 Jethro Tull, San Diego Sports Arena
02/01/80 The Silencers, The Upbeats, Four Eyes, Gary Wilson, Skeleton Club
02/01/84 The Clash, Fox Theatre
02/01/86 Slayer, D.R.I., Rigamortis, Adams Avenue Theater
02/01/87 Alice Cooper, Megadeath, San Diego Sports Arena
02/01/88 Aerosmith, San Diego Sports Arena
02/01/92 Rocket from the Crypt, Casbah
02/01/92 The Cramps, Iguanas

02/02/57 Maddox Bros. & Retta, Bostonia Ballroom
02/02/77 Santana, Golden Hall
02/02/80 Taj Mahal, Academy Theater
02/02/80 The Alleycats, Reactors, The Verves, Skeleton Club, Nightwork Productions
02/02/82 Foreigner, San Diego Sports Arena
02/02/90 Jesus & Mary Chain, Nine Inch Nails, California Theatre
02/02/91 Nine Inch Nails, Iguanas
02/02/95 Bush, SDSU Backdoor

02/03/50 Tex Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
02/03/55 Homer & Jethro, Bostonia Ballroom
02/03/68 Simon & Garfunkel, Convention Hall
02/03/75 Patti Smith, SDSU Backdoor
02/03/79 Peter Tosh, Roxy Theater
02/03/86 Rush, San Diego Sports Arena
02/03/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
02/03/95 NOFX, Soma

02/04/50 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
02/04/65 Sonny & Cher, Cinnamon Cinder
02/04/75 Patti Smith, SDSU Backdoor
02/04/91 Pat Travers, Park Place
02/04/92 Siouxsie & the Banshees, Wonderstuff, Golden Hall
02/04/93 Leon Russell, Robby Krieger Band, Rhythm Cafe
02/04/95 Oasis, Soma
02/04/99 John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Belly Up Tavern

02/05/60 Bill Monroe, Bostonia Ballroom
02/05/65 Sonny & Cher, Cinnamon Cinder
02/05/71 Mimi Farina & Company, Robb Strandlund, In The Alley
02/05/77 Steve Miller Band, San Diego Sports Arena
02/05/85 Deep Purple, San Diego Sports Arena
02/05/92 Dire Straits, San Diego Sports Arena

02/06/54 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
02/06/59 Eddie Cochran, Bostonia Ballroom
02/06/71 Mimi Farina & Company, Robb Strandlund, In The Alley
02/06/86 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Belly Up Tavern
02/06/91 Janes Addiction, Golden Hall
02/06/93 Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds, Iguanas
02/06/98 Steve Poltz, Java Joe’s
02/06/99 String Cheese Incident, Belly Up Tavern

02/07/50 Fulton Lewis Jr., Hoover High School Auditorium
02/07/58 The Ramblers, Vel vetones, Senders, Gay Niters, Mission Beach Ballroom, Rock n Roll Band Championship
02/07/58 Hank Locklin, Bostonia Ballroom
02/07/71 Mimi Farina & Company, Robb Strandlund, In The Alley
02/07/78 The Ramones, The Runaways, SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/07/88 David Grisman, Belly Up Tavern
02/07/90 The Smithereens, Unknown Venue
02/07/91 Blue Oyster Cult, Park Place
02/07/92 Public Image Ltd., Iguanas
02/07/94 Rush, San Diego Sports Arena
02/07/94 The Wonderstuff, Soma ?
02/07/99 Bryan Adams, 4th & Bst.

02/08/30 Beniamino Gigli, Margaret Shotwell, Miguel Sandoval, Russ Auditorium
02/08/57 Bob Regan, Bostonia Ballroom
02/08/70 Frank Zappa, San Diego Sports Arena
02/08/79 John Lee Hooker, SDSU Backdoor
02/08/80 Naughty Sweeties, Dinettes, Rick Elias Band, Skeleton Club
02/08/87 Beastie Boys, Fishbone, UCSD Gym
02/08/88 Guns & Roses, T.S.O.L., SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/08/92 Infectious Grooves, Iguanna's
02/08/96 NOFX, Soma
02/08/99 Natalie Merchant, Copley Symphony Hall

02/09/57 Bob Regan, Bostonia Ballroom
02/09/58 Jerry Lee Lewis, Bostonia Ballroom
02/09/70 Love, Beautiful Day, Frank Zappa, Sweetwater, Penrod, San Diego Sports Arena
02/09/79 Santana, Civic Theatre
02/09/80 Young Canadians, Lipps, The Unknowns, Skeleton Club
02/09/82 Corrosion of Conformity, Carpenter's Hall
02/09/85 Battalion of Saints, Carpenters Hall
02/09/96 Psychotic Waltz, Brick by Brick
02/09/99 Squeeze, Belly Up Tavern

02/10/68 Janis Joplin, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Community Concourse
02/10/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
02/10/80 ZZ Top, San Diego Sports Arena
02/10/83 Berlin, Rodeo
02/10/86 Kiss, W.A.S.P., San Diego Sports Arena
02/10/87 Albert King, Bacchanal
02/10/87 Ziggy Marley, Belly Up Tavern
02/10/89 Stephen Stills, Bacchanal
02/10/91 Alice in Chains, Mookie Blaylock, Bacchanal
02/10/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
02/10/94 John Mayall, Belly Up Tavern

02/11/50 Curley Balden & the Rhythm Rangers, Bostonia Ballroom
02/11/55 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
02/11/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
02/11/76 The Kinks, Pretty Things, Community Concourse
02/11/82 Prince & the Time, Community Concourse
02/11/89 Stephen Stills, Bacchanal
02/11/90 Bad Radio, Bacchanal
02/11/90 Motley Crue, San Diego Sports Arena
02/11/96 BB king, 4th & Bst.

02/12/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
02/12/80 Kingfish, Catamaran Hotel
02/12/82 X, Bacchanal
02/12/94 Crowded House, Sheryl Crow, Spreckels Theater
02/12/95 Simple Minds, Spreckels Theater
02/12/96 AC/DC, San Diego Sports Arena
02/12/99 Joan Baez, 4th & Bst

02/13/50 Roy Acuff, Russ Auditorium
02/13/53 Merle Travis, Bostonia Ballroom
02/13/70 Albert King, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Community Concourse
02/13/70 Fairfield Steelworks, SDSU Peterson Gym
02/13/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
02/13/72 Chicago, San Diego Sports Arena
02/13/76 David Bowie, San Diego Sports Arena
02/13/78 Talking Heads, SDSU Backdoor
02/13/80 Jefferson Starship, Civic Theatre
02/13/81 The Products, The Big, Zebra Club
02/13/82 X, Bacchanal
02/13/83 Bangles, Rodeo
02/13/83 X, SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/13/91 Mookie Blaylock, Winters
02/13/93 Damn Yankees, Jackyl, Golden Hall
02/13/93 Buck O Nine, Soma
02/13/93 Shallow, Tiltwheel, Cafe Chabalada

02/14/71 Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Four Tops, San Diego Sports Arena
02/14/80 8 Eyed Spy, Mature Adults, The Exterminators, Skeleton Club (2)
02/14/85 UB40, Golden Hall
02/14/91 The Charlatans UK, S.D.S.U. Montezuma Hall
02/14/92 L7, Rocket from the Crypt, Diego's
02/14/99 Cake, Soma

02/15/50 Maddox Bros. with Rose, Bostonia Ballroom
02/15/57 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
02/15/80 The Penetrators, The Neo Paris & the Futures, Land Piranha, Mature Adults, La Paloma Theatre
02/15/81 The Barkays, San Diego Sports Arena
02/15/86 Final Conflict, Insolents, Bloodcum, Jackie Robinson's YMCA, Black Market Productions
02/15/89 Thelonious Monster, SDSU Backdoor
02/15/90 Sugarcubes, California Theatre
02/15/92 Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Iguanna's
02/15/92 Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Spirit

02/16/57 Tommy Duncan, Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
02/16/68 Eric Burden & the Animals, Southwestern College Gym
02/16/69 Peter, Paul and Mary, Community Concourse's Convention Hall
02/16/78 Captain Beefheart, SDSU Backdoor
02/16/79 Men of Clay, Secret Admirer, Bodies
02/16/79 The Alleycats, The Crawdaddys, North Park Lions Club
02/16/80 The Penetrators, The Neo Paris & the Futures, Land Piranha, Mature Adults, La Paloma Theatre
02/16/80 King Bees, Crawdaddys, The Big, The Choice, Skeleton Club Nightwork Productions
02/16/82 The Pretenders, Golden Hall
02/16/85 Eleven Sons, Hair Theatre, Faces of Drama, Anomic Jazz, Rock Palace
02/16/85 Suicidal Tendencies, Carpenters Hall
02/16/86 Gregg Allman Band, Belly Up Tavern
02/16/86 Twisted Sister, Dokken, San Diego Sports Arena
02/16/90 Melissa Etheridge, California Theatre
02/16/90 Soundgarden, Voi Vod, Iguanas

02/17/53 Ernest Tubb, Bostonia Ballroom
02/17/57 Ernest Tubb, Kitty Wells, Grand Ole Opry, Russ Auditorium
02/17/78 Tom Waits, Norton Buffalo, California Theatre
02/17/90 Tad, Nirvana, Iguanas
02/17/95 Brooks & Dunn, San Diego Sports Arena
02/17/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
02/17/96 Ben Folds Five, Casbah

02/18/47 Marian Anderson, Russ Auditorium
02/18/50 Curley Balden & the Rhythm Rangers, Bostonia Ballroom
02/18/67 James Brown & the Famous Flames, San Diego Sports Arena
02/18/68 Peter, Paul and Mary, Civic Theatre
02/18/76 E.L.O., San Diego Sports Arena
02/18/78 Talking Heads, SDSU Backdoor
02/18/79 Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Fox Theater
02/18/79 Meat Puppets, Rocking Roulettes, Decentones, Bodies
02/18/81 Molly Hatchet, San Diego Sports Arena
02/18/83 Meat Puppets Bodies
02/18/84 45 Grave, T.S.O.L., Community FK, Adams Avenue Theater
02/18/94 No Doubt, World Beat Center

02/19/50 Duke Ellington, Russ Auditorium
02/19/54 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
02/19/67 Buffalo Springfield, Community Concourse
02/19/71 The Frontier, Smith Family, In The Alley
02/19/78 The Tubes, Fox Theater
02/19/80 XTC, Wazmo Nariz, North Park Lions Club
02/19/82 Albert Collins, Belly Up Tavern
02/19/82 Grateful Dead, Golden Hall
02/19/83 Meat Puppets, Bacchanal
02/19/84 Joan Baez, Golden Hall
02/19/84 John Lee Hooker, Belly Up Tavern (?)
02/19/87 B.B. King, Bacchanal
02/19/87 The Pretenders, Iggy Pop, San Diego Sports Arena
02/19/91 Iron Maiden, Anthrax, San Diego Sports Arena
02/19/94 Unwritten Law, World Beat Center

02/20/55 Leo McAuliffe, Bostonia Ballroom
02/20/71 The Frontier, Smith Family, In The Alley
02/20/72 Alice Cooper, Badfinger Convention Hall
02/20/81 George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Roxy Theater
02/20/82 Grateful Dead, Golden Hall
02/20/84 UB40, UCSD Gym
02/20/85 Kinks, Golden Hall
02/20/90 Debrah Harry, Copley Symphony Hall

02/21/58 Tommy Duncan, Leo McAuliffe, Bostonia Ballroom
02/21/71 The Frontier, Smith Family, In The Alley
02/21/74 Emerson, Lake & Palmer, San Diego Sports Arena
02/21/78 Bob Weir Band, SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/21/79 The Tubes, San Diego Sports Arena
02/21/81 Styx, San Diego Sports Arena
02/21/83 Rush, San Diego Sports Arena
02/21/88 Squeeze, 10,000 Maniacs, San Diego Sports Arena
02/21/89 Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, Copley Symphony Hall
02/21/92 Michael Bolton, San Diego Sports Arena

02/22/57 Dickie Phillips, Bostonia Ballroom
02/22/58 Tommy Duncan, Smokey Rogers, Bostonia Ballroom
02/22/69 Johnny Cash, Civic Theatre
02/22/76 Jerry Garcia Band, La Paloma Theatre
02/22/85 Kiss, San Diego Sports Arena
02/22/87 David Grisman Quintet, Belly Up Tavern

02/23/57 Dickie Phillips, Bostonia Ballroom
02/23/77 Jethro Tull, San Diego Sports Arena
02/23/80 X, North Park Lions Club
02/23/89 Firehose, SDSU Backdoor
02/23/91 Jellyfish, Bacchanal
02/23/91 Chris Isaak, Spreckels Theater
02/23/95 Ice-T, Queen Latifah, Digable Planets, SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/23/99 Cardigans, Soma

02/24/78 Santana, Fox Theater
02/24/79 Penetrators, Upbeats, Standbys, Glorietta Bay Park
02/24/85 Los Lobos, Beat Farmers, SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/24/87 Iron Maiden, San Diego Sports Arena
02/24/87 Kingfish, Bacchanal
02/24/88 Motorhead, Alice Cooper, San Diego Sports Arena
02/24/90 Miles Davis, UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
02/24/94 Janet Jackson, San Diego Sports Arena
02/24/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
02/24/96 Presidents of the United States, Soma

02/25/50 Curley Balden & the Rhythm Rangers, Bostonia Ballroom
02/25/55 Maddox Bros.& Rose, Bostonia Ballroom
02/25/72 John Baldry, Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown, Community Concourse
02/25/72 Linda Ronstandt, SDSU Backdoor
02/25/85 George Thorogood, UCSD Gym
02/25/92 Nitzer Ebb, UCSD Price Center
02/25/94 Green Day, Tilt, SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/25/99 BB King, 4th & Bst.

02/26/30 Sigrid Onegin, Russ Auditorium
02/26/53 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
02/26/55 Frank Yankovic, Bostonia Ballroom
02/26/64 Joan Baez, SDSU Peterson Gym
02/26/72 Linda Ronstandt, SDSU Backdoor
02/26/79 Boston and Sammy Hagar, San Diego Sports Arena
02/26/92 No Doubt, Belly Up Tavern
02/26/99 Lucinda Williams, Belly Up Tavern

02/27/33 Nelson Eddy, Savoy Theatre
02/27/64 Bob Dylan, Fox Theater
02/27/65 Peter, Paul and Mary, Convention Hall
02/27/71 John Sebastian, Roy Raisin, UCSD Gym
02/27/72 Redeye, Queens, Captain Electric, Balboa Bowl
02/27/76 Kiss, San Diego Sports Arena
02/27/79 Boomtown Rats, Roxy Theater
02/27/87 Peter Murphy, El Cortez Convention Center
02/27/83 Lords of the New Church, Adams Avenue Theater
02/27/88 John Cougar Mellencamp, San Diego Sports Arena
02/27/89 Living Colour, SDSU Montezuma Hall
02/27/94 Rocket from the Crypt, World Beat Center
02/27/99 The Blackheart Procession, Che Café

02/28/17 Jelly Roll Morton, Venue Unknown
02/28/69 Turtles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Convention Hall
02/28/75 Roche, Magge & Terre, SDSU Backdoor
02/28/79 Boomtown Rats, Roxy Theater
02/28/80 The Beat, SDSU Backdoor
02/28/84 The Band, Rodeo
02/28/93 Uncle Tupelo, Casbah
02/28/99 Blue Oyster Cult, 4th & Bst.

02/29/80 Fear, The Gears, DFX2, The Stingers, Skeleton Club, Nightwork Productions
02/29/88 Joe Satriani, Belly Up Tavern ?
02/29/92 Robyn Hitchcock & the Eygptians, UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
02/29/96 Gin Blossoms, SDSU Montezuma Hall


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