San Diego Concert Archive


05/01/53 Hank Penny, Bostonia Ballroom
05/01/59 Johnny Cash, Bostonia Ballroom
05/01/71 Tim Rose, In The Alley
05/01/71 Dan Hicks, Jesse Ed Davis, UCSD Gym
05/01/76 Jimmy Buffett, SDSU Backdoor
05/01/79 Lou Reed, Roxy Theater
05/01/80 Benefit Show, Skeleton Club
05/01/83 Hall & Oats, San Diego Sports Arena
05/01/90 The Beach Boys, San Diego Sports Arena
05/01/89 Janes Addiction, Wonderstuff, SDSU Montezuma Hall
05/01/92 Van Halen, San Diego Sports Arena
05/01/95 Jeff Buckley, Soul Coughing, SDSU Backdoor
05/01/96 Girls Against Boys, World Beat Center

05/02/52 Joe Maphis Bostonia Ballroom
05/02/53 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/02/69 Albert Collins, Dave Campbells Blues Band, Sam Chapman, United Fruit Company
05/02/71 Tim Rose, In The Alley
05/02/74 Todd Rundgren, Civic Theatre
05/02/80 The Plimsouls, New Marines, The Crawdaddys, Skeleton Club, Rash Productions
05/02/85 Samhain, Poison 13, White Flag, Wabash Hall, Tim Maze Presents
05/02/89 Janes Addiction, SDSU Montezuma Hall

05/03/52 Joe Maphis Bostonia Ballroom
05/03/57 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
05/03/68 Buffalo Springfield, SDSU Peterson Gym
05/03/69 Albert Collins, Dave Campbells Blues Band, Sam Chapman, United Fruit Company
05/03/75 Doobie Brothers, San Diego Sports Arena
05/03/77 Supertramp, Civic Theatre
05/03/80 Gears, The Stingers, The Big, Skeleton Club, Rash Productions
05/03/82 Cheap Trick, Chuck Berry, Joan Jett & the Black Hearts, Jack Murphy Stadium
05/03/84 Billy Joel, San Diego Sports Arena
05/03/85 Squire, Manual Scan - Christ Lutheran Church, Pacific Beach
05/03/90 Eric Clapton, San Diego Sports Arena

05/04/52 Tex Ritter, Bostonia Ballroom
05/04/57 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
05/04/88 Terence Trent D'Arby, California Theatre
05/04/89 Replacements, California Theatre

05/05/72 Mimi farina, Tom Jones, SDSU Backdoor
05/05/73 Beck, Bogart & Appice, San Diego Sports Arena
05/05/79 Penetrators, SDSU Backdoor
05/05/86 Judas Priest, Dokken, San Diego Sports Arena
05/05/88 Henry Rollins Band, Spirit
05/05/89 Janes Addiction, Iguanas
05/05/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse

05/06/50 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/06/50 Kay Starr & the Dick Pierce Decca Orchestra, Pacific Square Theater
05/06/55 Ann Jones, Bostonia Ballroom
05/06/73 Alice Cooper, Flo & Eddie, San Diego Sports Arena
05/06/75 John Denver, San Diego Sports Arena
05/06/76 Doobie Brothers, San Diego Sports Arena
05/06/83 Kinks, San Diego Sports Arena
05/06/86 Husker Du, SDSU Backdoor
05/06/87 Billy Idol, The Cult, San Diego Sports Arena
05/06/89 David Crosby, California Theatre

05/07/71 Barry McQuire, John & Suzy Mann, In The Alley
05/07/75 Weather Report, Civic Theatre
05/07/88 Love & Rockets, Mighty Lemon Drops, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/07/93 Helmet, Iguanas
05/07/93 Ice-T, UCSD Gym
05/07/99 Shania Twain, Coors Amphitheatre

05/08/53 Jimmie Davis, Bostonia Ballroom
05/08/71 Barry McQuire, John & Suzy Mann, In The Alley
05/08/76 Johnny Cash, Civic Theatre
05/08/82 Cheap Trick, Susan Lynch, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, San Diego Stadium
05/08/84 Fishbone, Rodeo
05/08/89 Indigo Girls, Bacchanal

05/09/52 Joe Maphis, Ann Jones, Bostonia Ballroom
05/09/53 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/09/68 Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass, San Diego Sports Arena
05/09/69 Flying Burrito Bros., United Fruit Company
05/09/71 Barry McQuire, John & Suzy Mann, In The Alley
05/09/71 Ike & Tina Turner, John Lee Hooker, San Diego Sports Arena
05/09/75 Horsefeathers, San Diego Masonic Temple
05/09/84 Judas Priest, Great White, San Diego Sports Arena
05/09/85 Accept, Rough Cutt, California Theatre
05/09/85 John Lee Hooker, Belly Up Tavern
05/09/87 Joe Walsh, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/09/87 Firehose, The Paladins, Whei Whei t’nango & SWA, Hotel San Diego
05/09/90 Whitesnake, San Diego Sports Arena
05/09/99 John Mellencamp, Son Volt, Coors Ampitheatre

05/10/52 Joe Maphis Bostonia Ballroom
05/10/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/10/69 Flying Burrito Bros., United Fruit Company
05/10/81 Jimmy Cliff, California Theatre
05/10/84 Twisted Roots, Kommunity FX, Fairmount Hall
05/10/86 Judas Priest, San Diego Sports Arena
05/10/86 Diatribe, Rhythm Pigs, Solucion Mortal, Jackie Robinson's YMCA
05/10/92 Tori Amos, Sound FX
05/10/95 Bob Dylan, Jewel, Embarcadero
05/10/95 Gipsy Kings, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/10/96 Garbage, Soma

05/11/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/11/67 Bill Monroe, Sam Hinton, Sandy & Jeanie Darlington, Possum Hunters, Bess Hawes, SD Folk Festival, SDSU Aztec Bowl
05/11/69 Grateful Dead, Santana, SDSU Aztec Bowl
05/11/77 Bad Company, San Diego Sports Arena
05/11/78 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, SDSU Montezuma Hall
05/11/81 Split Enz, State Theater
05/11/83 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thelonious Monster, Rancho Grande Tijuana
05/11/84 Agent Orange, SDSU Backdoor
05/11/84 Thompson Twins, Fox Theater
05/11/85 The Exploited, UK Subs, State Theater
05/11/95 Wilco, SDSU Backdoor

05/12/67 Bill Monroe, Sam Hinton, Sandy & Jeanie Darlington, Possum Hunters, Bess Hawes, SD Folk Festival, SDSU Aztec Bowl
05/12/82 Meat Puppets, Bodies
05/12/84 James Taylor, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/12/91 Deep Purple, San Diego Sports Arena
05/12/93 Goo Goo Dolls, UCSD Triton Pub
05/12/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
05/12/99 Michael Schenker Group, 4th & Bst.

05/13/55 Quincy Snodgrass, Bostonia Ballroom
05/13/67 Bill Monroe, Sam Hinton, Sandy & Jeanie Darlington, Possum Hunters, Bess Hawes, SD Folk Festival, SDSU Aztec Bowl
05/13/50 Wesley Tuttle, Bostonia Ballroom
05/13/50 Ella Fitzgerald, Pacific Square Theater
05/13/55 Quincy Snodgrass, Bostonia Ballroom
05/13/79 Allman Brothers, San Diego Sports Arena
05/13/83 Violent Femmes, Spirit
05/13/88 Santana, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/13/88 Ziggy Marley, California Theatre
05/13/89 White Zombie, Spirit
05/13/95 Plant & Page, San Diego Sports Arena

05/14/55 Tommy Duncan, Quincy Snodgrass, Bostonia Ballroom
05/14/71 Mason Williams, Smith Family, In The Alley
05/14/72 Fleetwood Mac, Golden Hall
05/14/89 TNT, Bacchanal
05/14/91 Yes, San Diego Sports Arena
05/14/93 Anthrax, Iguanas
05/14/94 Phish, SDSU Montezuma Hall
05/14/96 Bad Religion, Unwritten Law, Soma

05/15/54 Ole Rasmussen, Bostonia Ballroom
05/15/59 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
05/15/71 Mason Williams, Smith Family, In The Alley
05/15/77 Jimmy Buffett, Civic Theatre
05/15/78 Patti Smith Group, Golden Hall
05/15/81 Ted Nugent, San Diego Sports Arena (?)
05/15/88 Peter Murphy, Soma
05/15/95 Luscious Jackson, Luna Chicks, SDSU Backdoor
05/15/96 Bad Religion, Unwritten Law, Soma

05/16/50 Spade Cooley, Trianon
05/16/52 Maddox Bros.& Rose, Bostonia Ballroom
05/16/59 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
05/16/71 Mason Williams, Smith Family, In The Alley
05/16/74 Kinks, Golden Hall
05/16/79 The Police, Roxy Theater
05/16/79 Los Microwaves, Crawdaddys, The Puppies, Zebra Club, Rock Island Presents
05/16/87 Mission U.K., La Paloma Theater
05/16/87 Howard Jones, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/16/88 John Lee Hooker, Belly Up Tavern
05/16/94 Elvis Costello, Crash Test Dummies Starlight Bowl

05/17/58 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/17/65 Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Convention Hall
05/17/80 Pat Travers, San Diego Sports Arena
05/17/87 Jackson Browne, Symphony Hall
05/17/94 Jerry Garcia Band, Starlight Bowl
05/17/96 Afghan Whigs, Soma

05/18/73 Carpenters, San Diego Sports Arena
05/18/82 U.F.O., Mechanix, Aldo Nova, San Diego Sports Arena
05/18/84 Suicidal Tendencies, Personal Conflict, Neighborhood Watch, Fairmont Hall
05/18/86 Bangles, Hoodo Gurus, SDSU Montezuma Hall
05/18/94 Jerry Garcia Band, Starlight Bowl
05/18/96 Los Lobos, Cornershop, 4th & Bst.

05/19/79 The Crawdaddys, The Offenderz, North Park Lions Club
05/19/68 Cream, Community Concourse
05/19/84 Thomas Dolby, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/19/90 Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman, Bacchanal
05/19/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse

05/20/50 Wesley Tuttle, Bostonia Ballroom
05/20/55 Johnny Bond, Bostonia Ballroom
05/20/66 Little Richard, Balboa Park Club
05/20/67 Ray Charles and the Raelets, SDSU Peterson Gym
05/20/67 Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Convention Hall
05/20/88 Church, North Park Lions Club
05/20/89 Jerry Garcia Band, Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/20/88 The Church, El Cortez Ballroom
05/20/89 Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Cray Band, Starlight bowl
05/20/95 Minutemen, Foo Fighters, SDSU Montezuma Hall
05/20/98 Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, San Diego Sports Arena

05/21/55 Johnny Bond, Bostonia Ballroom
05/21/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
05/21/75 Jefferson Starship, San Diego Sports Arena
05/21/87 Doobie Brothers, San Diego Sports Arena
05/21/91 Pat Benatar, Spreckles Theater
05/21/97 Stone Temple Pilots, Cheap Trick, UCSD RIMAC. Arena
05/21/94 Meat Puppets, World Beat Center
05/21/95 Queensryche, Type O Negative, San Diego Sports Arena

05/22/71 Tom Waits, Heritage Coffee House
05/28/71 Eric Anderson, Michael-Claire, In The Alley
05/22/78 REO Speedwagon, Richie Blackmores Rainbow, San Diego Sports Arena
05/22/79 The New Barbarians, San Diego Sports Arena
05/22/87 The Psychedelic Furs, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/22/90 Black Crowes, Bacchanal

05/23/58 The Nomads, Recital Hall, Balboa Park
05/23/70 Sly & the Family Stone, San Diego Sports Arena
05/23/71 Eric Anderson, Michael-Claire, In The Alley
05/23/80 The Puppies, The Crawdaddys, The Unknowns, North Park Lions Club
05/23/86 Jerry Garcia Electric Band, California Theatre
05/23/93 Allman Bros., Starlight Bowl
05/23/97 Gipsy Kings, Hospitality Point

05/24/52 Joe Maphis, Bostonia Ballroom
05/24/53 Hank Thompson, Bostonia Ballroom
05/24/57 Maddox Bros. & Retta, Bostonia Ballroom
05/24/64 Peter, Paul & Mary, Balboa Park Bowl
05/24/68 Country Joe and the Fish, Community Concourse
05/24/69 Jimi Hendrix Experience, San Diego Sports Arena
05/24/78 Al Green, California Theatre
05/24/80 Todd Rundgren, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/24/80 The Cramps, North Park Lions Club
05/24/85 G.B.H., Social Spit, Agnostic Front, Insolents, Wabash Hall
05/24/91 Slayer, Megadeath, Anthrax, Alice in Chains, San Diego Sports Arena
05/24/95 Black Crowes, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Civic Theatre

05/25/52 Joe Maphis, Bostonia Ballroom
05/25/57 Maddox Bros. & Retta, Bostonia Ballroom
05/25/73 Tammy Wynette, George Jones, San Diego Sports Arena
05/25/76 Bob Marley, Civic Theatre
05/25/81 Judas Priest, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/25/85 G.B.H., D.O.A., The Front, Ministry of Truth, State Theater
05/25/90 Milli Vanilli, San Diego Sports Arena
05/25/91 LL Cool J, Golden Hall
05/25/95 Widespread Panic, Soma

05/26/80 Genesis, San Diego Sports Arena
05/26/87 Kingfish, Bacchanal
05/26/88 Thomas Dolby, Bacchanal
05/26/90 Nine Inch Nails, Bacchanal
05/26/93 Allman Brothers, Starlight Bowl
05/26/94 Jewel, Innerchange Coffeehouse
05/26/95 Indigo Girls, Embarcadero
05/26/98 Eric Clapton, Cox Arena
05/26/99 Wilco, Belly Up Tavern

05/27/55 Merle Travis, Bostonia Ballroom
05/27/70 Delaney and Bonnie & friends, Boones farm, Community Concourse
05/27/79 Yes, San Diego Sports Arena
05/27/83 Meat Puppets, Bodies
05/27/91 Alarm, The Fixx, Starlight bowl
05/27/99 Seal, SDSU Open Air Theatre

05/28/54 Sons of the Pioneers, Bostonia Ballroom
05/28/55 Merle Travis, Bostonia Ballroom
05/28/60 Duke Ellington & his Orchestra, Russ Auditorium
05/28/66 Ray Charles and the Raelets, The Dells, Convention Hall
05/28/71 Roger Tillison, Jack Tempchin, In The Alley
05/28/71 Love, Spencer Davis, Peter Jameson, USD Gym
05/28/73 Led Zeppelin, San Diego Sports Arena
05/28/82 Battalion of Saints, Youth Brigade, Redscare, Catch-22, North Park Lions Club, Dead or Alive Presents
05/28/84 Rush, Gary Moore, San Diego Sports Arena
05/28/90 Tracey Chapman, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/28/93 Rocket from the Crypt, Double Tree Hotel Ballroom
05/28/95 311, Korn, Goulspoon, Soma

05/29/52 Terry Preston, Bostonia Ballroom
05/29/54 Jack Tucker & Oklahoma Playboys, Bostonia Ballroom
05/29/58 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
05/29/60 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/29/71 Roger Tillison, Jack Tempchin, In The Alley
05/29/75 Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Golden Hall
05/29/83 The Damned, Adams Avenue Theater
05/29/84 Moody Blues, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/29/87 Deep Purple, Bad Co., San Diego Sports Arena
05/29/87 Bonnie Raitt, Humphrey's By the Bay
05/29/90 Sinead O'Connor, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/29/99 Blondie, SDSU Open Air Theatre

05/30/58 Mac Wiseman, Bostonia Ballroom
05/30/60 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
05/30/71 Roger Tillison, Jack Tempchin, In The Alley
05/30/71 Dionne Warwick, San Diego Sports Arena
05/30/71 Mason Proffit, Roy Raisin, Sequoya, Grossmont College
05/30/74 Savoy Brown, Kiss, Manfred Mann, San Diego Sports Arena
05/30/76 Charlie Daniels Band, Golden Hall
05/30/78 Journey, Montrose, California Theatre
05/30/80 Wall of Voodoo, Zebra Club
05/30/82 Asia, Fox Theater
05/30/85 Jimmy Buffett, SDSU Open Air Theatre
05/30/91 Morrissey, San Diego Sports Arena
05/30/99 Elvis Costello, Copley Symphony Hall

05/31/57 Johnny Cash, Bostonia Ballroom
05/31/58 Mac Wiseman, Bostonia Ballroom
05/31/78 Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Civic Theatre
05/31/80 Squeeze, Roxy Theater
05/31/86 Run DMC, L.L. Cool J, San Diego Sports Arena
05/31/89 Sam Kinison, SDSU Open Air Theatre


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