San Diego Concert Archive


10/01/54 Freddie Hart, Bostonia Ballroom
10/01/55 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
10/01/71 Allman Brothers, Community Concourse
10/01/83 Adrian Belew, SDSU Backdoor
10/01/83 Diana Ross, San Diego Sports Arena
10/01/88 Santana, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/01/89 Doobie Brothers, Starlight Bowl
10/01/92 Lou Reed, Spreckels Theatre
10/01/93 Midnight Oil, SDSU Open Air Theatre

10/02/53 Hank Penny, Bostonia Ballroom
10/02/55 Webb Pierce, Bostonia Ballroom
10/02/80 Yes, San Diego Sports Arena
10/02/87 Faith No More, Spirit
10/02/87 Motley Crue, Whitesnake, San Diego Sports Arena
10/02/88 SaltnPepa, San Diego Sports Arena
10/02/93 Sade, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/02/93 Iggy Pop, Living Colour, Big Country, San Diego Sports Arena
10/02/94 Hoodoo Gurus, USD Center Forum

10/03/52 Tex Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
10/03/53 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
10/03/72 Rory Gallagher, Jeff Bradley, Funky Quarters
10/03/74 Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Golden Hall
10/03/77 Fleetwood Mac, San Diego Sports Arena
10/03/81 U.F.O., Andy Kaufman, UCSD Gym
10/03/82 Missing Persons, UCSD Main Gym
10/03/91 Mudhoney, Olivelawn, Gas Huffer, Iguanas, T.J. Mexico
10/03/93 Sade, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/03/93 Bob Dylan, Santana, San Diego Sports Arena
10/03/96 Melvins, Casbah

10/04/52 Tex Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
10/04/64 Mississippi John Hurt, Sign of the Sun
10/04/69 Janis Joplin, James Cotton, San Diego Sports Arena
10/04/57 Terry Preston, Bostonia Ballroom
10/04/70 Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, SDSU Peterson Gym
10/04/73 Deodato, Civic Theatre
10/04/80 Black Flag, North Park Lion's Club
10/04/86 The Descendents, D.I., Aggression, Jackie Robinson Gym
10/04/89 Fine Young Cannibals, Starlight Bowl
10/04/91 The Damned, Iguanas
10/04/93 Johnny Winter, Belly Up Tavern
10/04/96 Verve Pipe, Casbah

10/05/71 Santana, San Diego Sports Arena
10/05/80 Boz Scaggs, Cecilio & Kapono, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/05/83 Asia, San Diego Sports Arena
10/05/84 Excitor, Adams Avenue Theatre
10/05/87 The Cars, San Diego Sports Arena
10/05/91 Pearl Jam, Winters
10/05/99 Jethro Tull, SDSU Open Air Theatre

10/06/56 Carl Perkins, Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
10/06/74 George Carlin, SDSU Peterson Gym
10/06/79 Van Halen, San Diego Sports Arena
10/06/80 Jeff Beck, SDSU Open Air Theatre (this is for the 9/5/80 postponed show)
10/06/83 Motels, Fox Theater
10/06/84 Santana, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/06/88 Iggy Pop, California Theatre
10/06/94 Crash Test Dummies, Spreckels Theater
10/06/99 Widespread Panic, Cox Arena

10/07/76 The Who, San Diego Sports Arena
10/07/81 Rolling Stones, Jack Murphy Stadium
10/07/83 Santana, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/07/98 Jimmy Buffett, Coors Amphitheatre

10/08/52 Dinah Washington, Woody Herman Orchestra, Russ Auditorium
10/08/54 Jimmie Davis, Bostonia Ballroom
10/08/72 Miles Davis, Civic Theatre
10/08/74 Elton John, San Diego Sports Arena
10/08/77 Zeros, Dils, Hitmakers, Adams Avenue Theatre
10/08/77 Santana, Journey, San Diego Sports Arena (?)
10/08/82 George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Golden Hall
10/08/82 The Misfits, North Park Lions Club
10/08/88 Jimmy Page, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/08/89 The Stray Cats, Iguanas
10/08/95 Ratdog Revue, Humphrey’s By The Bay

10/09/54 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
10/09/81 Black Flag, Saccrine Trust, Battalion Of Saints, Fairmont Hall, Dead or Alive Presents
10/09/83 Dio, Fox Theater
10/09/91 Bonnie Raitt, Starlight Bowl
10/09/94 Warren G., Coolio, R. Kelly, Heavy D., Aaliyah, San Diego Sports Arena

10/10/45 Count Basie & his orchestra, Russ Auditorium
10/10/52 Tex Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
10/10/58 Hank Snow, Bostonia Ballroom
10/10/68 The Four Tops, Community Concourse
10/10/73 Rod Stewart & The Faces, Rory Gallagher, San Diego Sports Arena
10/10/79 Sammy Hagar, San Diego Sports Arena
10/10/79 The Clash, Rubber City Rebels, the Standbys, Golden Hall
10/10/80 Roxy Music, SDSU Montezuma Hall
10/10/94 Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, San Diego Sports Arena
10/10/97 Morrissey, Embarcadero

10/11/45 Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter), Roosevelt Auditorium
10/11/52 Tex Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
10/11/58 Frank Yankovic, Bostonia Ballroom
10/11/74 Elvin Bishop, Aztec Bowl SDSU ?
10/11/77 Billy Joel, Fox Theater
10/11/79 Penetrators, Catamaran Hotel
10/11/80 Kinks, San Diego Sports Arena
10/11/81 G.B.H., the Accused, Crabgrass, Carpenters Hall
10/11/85 The Cure, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/11/89 Nils Lofgren, Belly Up Tavern
10/11/90 Santana, SDSU Open Air Theatre

10/12/56 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
10/12/68 Traffic, Community Concourse
10/12/69 Chicago, Poco, Country Joe and the Fish, Balboa Stadium
10/12/56 Billy Gray, Bostonia Ballroom
10/12/57 Buddy Holly & The Crickets, The Drifters, Chuck Berry, Plus More, Mission Beach Ballroom
10/12/69 Country Joe & the Fish, Balboa stadium
10/12/72 Charlie Musslewhite, SDSU Backdoor
10/12/75 Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Outlaws, Balboa Stadium
10/12/80 Van Halen, San Diego Sports Arena
10/12/85 Bad Brains, Addicts, Wabash Hall
10/12/88 Judas Priest, Slayer, San Diego Sports Arena
10/12/95 Blind Melon, Soma
10/12/98 Mana, Coors Amphitheatre

10/13/56 Lefty Frizzell, Bostonia Ballroom
10/13/60 Smokey Rogers, Cortez Hotel Circus Room
10/13/68 Tijuana Pop Festival, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Iron Butterfly, Chicago Transit Authority
10/13/68 Canned Heat, Community Concourse
10/13/74 Blue Oyster Cult, T. Rex (T.Rex Canceled) Golden Hall (maybe Little Feat played)
10/13/79 X, The Crowd, The UpBeats, North Park Lions Club
10/13/85 Stevie Ray Vaughan, UCSD Gym
10/13/88 Smithereens, California Theatre
10/13/88 Sade, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/13/90 Rollins Band, Iguanas
10/13/91 Allman Brothers, Little Feat, Starlight Bowl
10/13/96 Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai, Kenny Wayne Sheph erd, Hospitality Point
10/13/98 Ani DiFranco, SDSU Open Air Theatre

10/14/76 The Eagles, San Diego Sports Arena
10/14/84 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rodeo
10/14/99 Los Lobos, Cornershop 4th/Bst

10/15/72 Savoy Brown, Uriah Heep, San Diego Sports Arena
10/15/88 Arlo Guthrie, Bacchanal (?)
10/15/89 David Byrne, Starlight Bowl
10/15/91 Lenny Kravitz, Copley Symphony Hall
10/15/93 Rod Stewart, Patty Smyth, San Diego Sports Arena
10/15/93 Rage against the Machine, Iguanas
10/15/94 Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Face to Face, Soma

10/16/53 Don Hogsed Band, Bostonia Ballroom
10/16/71 Dave Mason, Earth
10/16/76 Paul Butterfield Blues Band, La Paloma Theatre
10/16/81 Subhumans, No Crises, Pondarosa, Fairmont Hall, Dead or Alive Presents
10/16/82 Olivia Newton John, San Diego Sports Arena
10/16/85 INXS, Civic Theatre

10/17/53 Don Hogsed Band, Bostonia Ballroom
10/17/71 Pink Floyd, Golden Hall
10/17/86 Motorhead, CroMags, California Theatre
10/17/89 Johnny Thunders, Bacchanal
10/17/92 The Ramones, Social Distortion, UCSD Gym? Starlight Bowl?
10/17/92 Black Crowes, Jayhawks, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/17/94 Rolling Stones, Jack Murphy Stadium
10/17/99 Blink 182, Cox Arena

10/18/57 T. Tex Tyler, Bostonia Ballroom
10/18/58 Tex Williams, Bostonia Ballroom
10/18/64 Little Richard, Pacific Ballroom
10/18/70Pink Floyd, Hot Tuna, Leon Russell, Southwind, Dry Creek Road, UCSD Polo Field
10/18/75 Miles Davis, Civic Theatre
10/18/75 Uriah Heep, Golden Hall (?)
10/18/78 War, Fox Theater
10/18/90 Bad Manners, UCSD Price Center Ballroom
10/18/97 Steve Poltz, Java Joe’s

10/19/54 Frank Yankovic, Bostonia Ballroom
10/19/56 Maddox Bros.& Rose, Bostonia Ballroom
10/19/75 Tom Waits, Phil Gross SDSU Backdoor
10/19/87 John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Bacchanal
10/19/95 Oingo Boingo, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/19/95 311, Soma

10/20/56 Louis Armstrong, Russ Auditorium
10/20/56 Maddox Bros.& Rose, Bostonia Ballroom
10/20/68 Cream, Deep Purple, San Diego Sports Arena
10/20/87 That Petrol Emotion, SDSU Backdoor
10/20/90 Los Lobos, Skid Roper, Starlight Bowl
10/20/91 Big Audio Dynamite, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/20/93 Gregg Allman, Chillers
10/20/95 Oingo Boingo, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/20/98 Tragically Hip, 4th & Bst
10/20/98 Son Volt, Belly Up Tavern.

10/21/55 Merle Travis, Bostonia Ballroom
10/21/87 Grover Washington, Jr., Humphrey's By the Bay
10/21/88 Roy Orbison, Starlight Bowl
10/21/89 REO Speedwagon, Bacchanal
10/21/98 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, 4th & Bst.
10/21/99 Family Values Tour, Cox Arena

10/22/54 Bob Wills, Bostonia Ballroom
10/22/55 Merle Travis, Bostonia Ballroom
10/22/74 Milt Jackson, SDSU Backdoor
10/22/78 Styx, The Cars, San Diego Sports Arena
10/22/82 Bad Brains, Redd Kross, Kings Road Cafe
10/22/84 Legal Weapon, Kings Road Café
10/22/86 Queensryche, Golden Hall
10/22/93 Bad Religion, Green Day, Iguanas
10/22/96 Bruce Springsteen, Civic Theatre
10/22/99 Moody Blues, SDSU Open Air Theatre

10/23/64 Hedy West, Sign of the Sun
10/23/71 John Mayall, Crazy Horse, Convention Hall
10/23/80 Willie Dixon, Belly Up Tavern
10/23/93 Lenny Kravitz, Blind Melon, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/23/99 Pennywise, Cox Arena
10/23/53 Don Hogsed Band, Sue Thompson, Bostonia Ballroom
10/23/54 Frank Yankovic, Bostonia Ballroom

10/24/53 Don Hogsed Band, Bostonia Ballroom
10/24/58 Gene Vincent, Bostonia Ballroom
10/24/64 Hedy West, Sign of the Sun
10/24/69 Framework, White Lighting, USD Gym
10/24/70 Gabor Szabo, SDSU Montezuma Hall
10/24/81 Pat Benetar, San Diego Sports Arena
10/24/88 The Damned, Bacchanal
10/24/91 Nirvana, Off the Record, In Store, 1:00pm played for 30 Min.
10/24/91 Nirvana, Hole, Iguanas
10/24/93 Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dog, Run DMC, San Diego Sports Arena

10/25/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
10/25/58 Frank Yankovic, Bostonia Ballroom
10/25/84 The Church, Rodeo
10/25/85 Oingo Boingo, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/25/85 John Sebastian, La Paloma Theatre
10/25/85 Gene Loves Jezebel, Cathedral of Tears, Eleven Sons, Divine Comedy, Wabash Hall
10/25/89 Pixies, UCSD Price Center
10/25/92 B52's, Violent Femmes, Copley Symphony Hall

10/26/57 Tommy Duncan, Bostonia Ballroom
10/26/63 Kingston Trio, Bill Crosby, Russ Auditorium
10/26/69 Arlo Guthrie, Civic Theatre
10/26/69 The Doors, Balboa Stadium $3.754.25 (Canceled Show)
10/26/78 Foreigner, San Diego Sports Arena
10/26/78 Jimmy Cliff, Roxy Theater
10/26/78 Bobby "Blue" Bland, Catamaran Hotel
10/26/83 Howard Devoto, Black Tango, Reptile House Marc Rude
10/26/84 Fixx, UCSD Gym
10/26/90 Faith No More, San Diego Sports Arena
10/26/90 Billy Idol, San Diego Sports Arena
10/26/93 Smashing Pumpkins, Del Mar Fairgrounds
10/26/98 Dave Matthews Band, Coors Amphitheatre

10/27/72 Elton John, San Diego Sports Arena
10/27/82 The Who, Loverboy, John Cougar, Jack Murphy Stadium
10/27/84 Minutemen, Social Distortion, Adams Avenue Theater
10/27/88 Neil Young and the Blue-Notes, Golden Hall
10/27/93 Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Starlight Bowl
10/27/98 Hovercraft, Casbah

10/28/55 Freddie Hart, Mary Jane, Bostonia Ballroom
10/28/73 Sly and the Family Stone, San Diego Sports Arena
10/28/77 The Osmonds, San Diego Sports Arena
10/28/79 The Alleycats, The Dinettes, The Exterminators, Skeleton Club
10/28/95 REM, San Diego Sports Arena
10/28/95 Ozzy Osbourne, SDSU Open Air Theatre

10/29/46 Bill Robinson, Deep River Boys, Russ Auditorium
10/29/55 Freddie Hart, Mary Jane, Bostonia Ballroom
10/29/71 The Dillards, Smith Family, In The Alley
10/29/77 Average White Band, San Diego Sports Arena
10/29/80 Elton John, San Diego Sports Arena
10/29/81 Triumph, Fox Theater
10/29/82 Oingo Boingo, UCSD Gym
10/29/82 The Cramps, Adams Avenue Theater
10/29/95 White Zombie, The Cramps, San Diego Sports Arena
10/29/96 Kiss, San Diego Sports Arena

10/30/51 Lily Pons, Russ Auditorium
10/30/53 Goldie Hill, Dickie Phillips, Bostonia Ballroom
10/30/70 Country Joe & the Fish, San Diego Sports Arena
10/30/71 James Taylor, San Diego Sports Arena
10/30/71 The Dillards, Smith Family, In The Alley
10/30/74 Hot Tuna, Golden Hall
10/30/82 The Blasters, Adams Avenue Theater
10/30/85 Foreigner, San Diego Sports Arena
10/30/87 The Replacements, SDSU Montezuma Hall
10/30/95 Bjork, Copley Symphony Hall
10/30/99 Yes, SDSU Open Air Theatre

10/31/53 Dickie Phillips, Bostonia Ballroom
10/31/71 The Dillards, Smith Family, In The Alley
10/31/74 New York Dolls, JJ s
10/31/78 Billy Joel, San Diego Sports Arena
10/31/79 The Ramones, Runaways, SDSU Montezuma Hall
10/31/82 Bobby & the Midnights, Bacchanal
10/31/86 New Order, SDSU Open Air Theatre
10/31/91 Pere Ubu, Pixies, SDSU Montezuma Hall
10/31/92 Morrissey, O'brien Pavilion Del Mar Fairgrounds
10/31/94 Green Day, San Diego Sports Arena
10/31/95 Rocket from the Crypt, Mission Valley Marriott Casbah Halloween
10/31/96 Rocket from the Crypt, Mission Valley Marriott Casbah Halloween
10/31/98 Rocket from the Crypt, Supersuckers, No Knife, Westin Plaza Ballroom


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